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The Convenience And Efficiency Of Direct Mail Raleigh

Carolina Direct Mail bulk mailDid you know that no other marketing channel is more personal than direct mail Raleigh today? Now that the holidays are knocking at your door, I’m sure you must be looking for a personalized marketing channel that speaks directly to your customers, and in doing so you should be able to enjoy very good results.

In the US, research done by the United States Postal Services shows that 98% Americans read their mail daily. The question is, among the thousands of marketing messages people receive daily, how can you make your messages stand out and actually get responses? I’ll show you how. It’s easier with direct mail than any other type of marketing!

Enjoy The Convenience That Comes Along With Carolina Direct Mail

As you know, when holidays are approaching, people are more than willing to spend large amounts of money they’ve been saving all around the year. It’s therefore a great opportunity for you to get the most out of the holidays and boost your brand awareness and sales.  Be the one that people think “hmm, maybe I should spend my money here!”

There’s always stiff competition out there, but, did you know that you can get them hooked to your offers more than ever before? All you need is to understand the secret behind direct mail Raleigh and learn how this marketing channel is helping small and large business owners increase their customer exposure as well as supporting their communities and other business partners through networking.

Open Up Your Own Marketing Areas In Raleigh And Anywhere In The US Today

Carolina Direct Mail brings you the moments you’ve been longing for, you’re able to engage your customers in a more personalised manner to make them feel special and valued.  You can make that appeal to them, and show them that you’re a small business that means business! Direct mail is the golden wings your business needs to open up your own zones in your region and beyond if you want to look more big picture.

Not Everything Is A DIY – Let The Experts Do It For You

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing mailing listWhen it comes to marketing and advertising your business, it must be done in a truly professional manner if you want to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and exceed your expectations before 2018 is over. More than 18 million businesses are featured in direct mail listing and your business should not be left behind. Stand out, make your business sound just as special as it is. Direct mail services is a comprehensive marketing strategy that incorporates aspects like direct response marketing, cross media marketing, integrated marketing, graphic design, mailing list, mailing services, printing and much more. If you are not conversant with these, then it can be a bit tricky for you. But no need to worry, we can help you do it like a pro!

Need Help With Direct Mail Services?

If you are using direct mail services for the first time or you’ve used this marketing channel before with poor results, don’t worry. We are committed to help you get started and make your business appear in the direct mail Raleigh listing. We provide our customers with exceptional services to help them enjoy the convenience of direct mail and reap all of the benefits that it has to offer. We have a very keep eye for detail when it comes to these things, so you can trust us to get you right!

For more information call us now or visit our website today and find out more on our professional and highly expertise services to help your small business tap all the benefits of direct mail. Direct mail information is available from Limelight Direct Mail Marketing at 919-452-5418.



Direct Mail Campaign WHY Physical Marketing Works

These days, it’s a common misconception for people to think that direct mail must be dead. It’s an understandable one too, technology is interwoven into every part of our lives. Direct mailers have become something of an urban legend for a number of marketers and business owners. However, direct mail is not dead at all. On the contrary, it is very much alive. As a matter of fact, recent studies and statistic still find it to be superior on average when compared to other marketing channels, even those online. That may be hard to believe, but people really still do appreciate individualized effort and having something tangible to look at. So, why does physical marketing and direct mail work so well? Let’s dive into that and try to find out.

The Reality Factor

This has to be the greatest contributor to the sustained success of direct mailers. Direct mail has a strong perceived value. The best marketing emails only possess a small part of what even the most obvious junk possesses. And the prevailing thought when you get one of these is – it would have been so easy for you to email the same exact thing to thousands of people, so this isn’t special at all. It is the reality factor that makes all the difference. There is just something reassuring about holding an item in your hand. With direct mail, you send it, receive it, open it, save it and then throw it away. It is tangible with weight, substance/information and dimension. Most of all, it is constant. Humans are always appreciative of a chance to handle a tangible object. It is part of the human experience, looking at something on a screen is NOT part of that experience. The emotional satisfaction from direct mailers and mail can’t be matched. It leaves a mental impression that makes it easy for people to remember. Direct mail makes them feel more valued and appreciated. It creates a more authentic relationship. These businesses are actually spending money specifically to advertise directly to you, it could cost someone less than a single penny to send you a bulk email with some offer or information that as relevant as it may be, and you probably won’t want to look at.

The Direct Response

Replying to a direct mail campaignThe response rate for direct mail may have declined marginally over recent years, but it is definitely far higher compared to that of email marketing. A report by the Direct Marketing Association stated that the response to direct mail was 10 to 30 times higher than that of digital. Think about that for a second, that is a truly massive increase in response. Unsolicited marketing emails that clutter inboxes overwhelm consumers to a point where they actually become more receptive to the much less-cluttered channel of direct mail. Direct mailers like Carolina direct mail can help any business utilize the benefits of physical marketing. I don’t know about you, but I delete marketing emails as soon as they hit my inbox.

More Desire To Purchase

It has been proven that individuals who are exposed to physical ads show increased excitement towards the item being advertised. They have greater subjective valuation and desirability for such items. Are you looking to increase the desirability of your products? Don’t just concentrate on digital marketing. Take a chance on direct mailers, and witness the great impact on your business.

The Appeal to Millennials

The online-presence of the millennial generation should not fool you into believing that physical marketing does not work at all with them. Surprising as it may be, it is wrong to assume that people who have practically been raised with iPhones and tablets in their hands are not interested in anything as old as postal mail. On the contrary, millenials do enjoy direct mail more than some other groups. They look forward to checking out their mailboxes and receiving personal cards and letters. Since the generation didn’t grow up on that, it’s something that we’ve learned to value. One important thing to consider about millenials is that for them, it is the thought that counts. With direct mail, you have a real shot at getting your message across. It’s at least worth a try!

Direct mailers offer many opportunities for savvy marketers and business owners alike. Even in this digital world, physical marketing still works and not just totally plain simple work. It has tremendous results for almost any type of business.

Direct mail information is available from Limelight Direct Mail Marketing at 919-452-5418.

Is Direct Mail Viable Today?

Direct mail continues to be used as an effective tool for marketers, even in this current tech-ridden world. There has been talk of direct mail being replaced by email and digital ads over the last few years but this is far from the case. Direct mail may even provide better results in comparison to alternative marketing channels.  You can look up the numbers for yourself, people just really prefer having something they can hold on to rather than seeing things on a screen all day long.  Direct mail has been shown to have a response rate of up to 10-30 times higher than that of email. This response becomes even higher in comparison to online display.

Straight To The Point

Experts believe that direct mailing in Raleigh might actually offer a better way for people to cut through all the advertising clutter. Most consumers find themselves overwhelmed by unsolicited marketing emails in their inboxes, and such customers are thus more receptive to direct mail. This is because they gain access to direct mail Raleigh without having to go through too much clutter. People also recognize it takes more sacrifice to put out a direct mail campaign than to send a few emails, and they do truly appreciate that fact.

The world today sees so much being done through screens; be it direct messaging, texting, or even online shopping. People find it easier to ignore all these cyber messages given the daily onslaughts they face. Packages and mail, on the other hand, are something you can hold in your hands as they have substance and weight. There is an emotional aspect involved in touching and feeling an object. More people found that this effect had a more lasting mental impression which made it easier for them to remember later on. Most consumers found that postcard marketing generates a more authentic relationship by making them feel more valued.

Direct mailing has also been shown to lead to action. Most people tend to find themselves forgetting the contents of an email they might have just opened moments ago. A study conducted showed that participants who interacted with physical ads via direct mail showed a more positive response towards the items being promoted. All of this is likely common sense to the majority of us.

A majority of people still like receiving direct mail in the Raleigh area. Today’s world revolves around social media, texts, and email. A significant percentage of consumers still look forward to checking their mailboxes daily. And yes, we mean real mailboxed. A lot of us absolutely dread checking our email mailboxes though we do it constantly thought the day. You may also assume that since millennials have been practically weaned on all things digital, they do not appreciate direct mail but this is far from it. Almost 95% of people aged 18-29 years old indicate a positive response when receiving letters and postcards. This generation has largely missed out on paper advertising and can value it after how much online advertising they’ve seen in their lives.

Direct mail is also viable because it helps to establish brand awareness for any business. As much as digital advertising and social media are very powerful and effective in brand building, you should not put direct mail and other traditional marketing methods in hindsight either. Less direct mail is going out today than before, but almost 80% of consumers will open all their postal mail, junk mail included so you can be sure your message will have less competition and reach the right audience.

Carolina Direct Mail is a low-tech option for consumers who are yet to fully embrace technology. A significant number of adults over 65 years of age still do not use the internet and this segment can be appropriately targeted thanks to direct mail. Direct mail enables businesses to keep their offers open to all audiences and not just the majority fitting the online strategy alone.

Direct mail in Raleigh can be a pleasant surprise for prospects in trying to connect with them and this can provide you with better engagement.

Direct mail information is available from Limelight Direct Mail Marketing at 919-452-5418.

What IS Bulk Mailing?Carolina Direct Mail bulk mail

The Postal Service uses the term bulk mailing to refer to large quantities of first and standard class mail that is sentat reduced postage rates. This marketing concept dates back to the 70’s and has been used since as a way to deliver promotional materials that are prepared in large volumes to a specifically targeted audience at once. Advertising and marketing have become an essential part of the business world, andthere are numerous techniques that a business today can use to not only promote its products and services but that also appeal to its target audience.

Promotional advertising has been used for decades and involves the use of promotional giveawayitems or promotional media events to garner public attention and are an effective way of advertising. People love to see companies active with the people of the community. Bulk mailing is one such effective promotional tool used in advertising campaigns where a business can send promotional offers, coupons, or sales pitches about a new product to customers in their mailing list.

Can A Small Business Benefit from Bulk Mailing At All?

Limelight Direct mail Marketing direct mail raleighBulk mailing is particularly beneficial to small and medium-sized businesses that are looking for cost-effectiveways to reduce their overheads because even though the physical mail is prepared bulk, sending thousands of promotional materials to every door at a reduced postage cost can save a business thousandsin ad campaigns over the long run.

Also referred to as commercial mail, bulk mailerprices are significantly lower because business and organizations such as libraries, churches, educational institutions, social clubs, etc., do something called “work sharing.” Thismeans that the Postal Service’s costs are reduced provided you performhalf of the jobsuch as sorting the mail by ZIP Code or transporting it to your local destination postal facility. Honestly this is a very cool concept, not only do you get more of a hand and personal touch in your mail campaigns, but it saves you money!

You must, however, meet certain prerequisites first in order toqualify for certain postage discounts or before you can mail at commercial prices:

  • Get a Mailing Permit
  • Sort Your Mail by ZIP Code and Ensure That all Addresses are Correct
  • Pay an Annual Fee For Each Class of Mail
  • Pay Postage via Permit Imprint, Metered Postage, or Pre-canceled Stamps
  • Deliver Your Mail to the Post Office Where You Hold Your Mailing Permit
  • Mail a Minimum Number of Letters, Which Can be Anywhere From 500 First Class Mail to 300 Media Mail

About 98% of people still rely on the delivery of their physical mail every day or monthly to receiveLimelight Direct Mail Marketing mailing list their physical bills. Unlike promotional emails which are generally redirectedto a customer’s spam folder that they will never check, physical mail still has a great impact as a marketing strategy. Provided the mailing addresses are accurate, andup to date, businesses that use bulk mailing are better positioned to reach their target audience better than email listing. It’s far more effecetive to hold that paper in your hands than see it on a screen where you can forget about it in an instant.

Bulk mailing services also have a better effect in terms ofcustomer receptivity. A customer can watch or listen to a promotional message on TV or radio and probably forget about it once it passes if they even happen to listen to it at all, but they will not forget about a freebie or promotional coupon that came in through their mailbox!

Direct mail information is available from Limelight Direct Mail Marketing at 919-452-5418.

Advertise To Millennials

Are you in the Raleigh area and in need of a Direct mailer? As a local company, Limelight Direct Mail Marketing direct mailCarolina Direct mailoffers affordable, fast, and accurate postage services with pride. We have noticed that millennials are not as enthusiastic as the golden aged generation in making purchases or letting advertisement influence them at all really. A good portion of millennials are riddled with debt from their student loans, meaning they tend to really penny pinch and it’s harder to get them to spend their money. However, we have noticed that few who are, are more inclined to support brands that support good practices and causes. Even at the cost of paying more for a product they’ll support good business practices. This should show you how best to attract more millennial clientele!

A value-based approach

You need to understand that values are part of the brand. Thus instead of disregarding them, they should feature more as part of the brand. You need to show how involved you are in the community, sustainable practices, and ethics. This will encourage more millennials to purchase your product or service. In addition to this, you need to start spreading the message on how your company will help the society. Walmart’s and Target’s commonly have massive signs on the wall touting how much money they’ve given to education and other good causes, and that really gets people’s attentiuon.

Out rightly showing the brand values

Most brands focus more on preying on the weakness of the consumer rather than appealing to their strengths. This has been the traditional approach since people have started selling things. Set yourself apart from the rest by showing the customers your value and your influence in their life. This will get the consumer to like your brand more. The beauty of allowing your consumers to love and adore your brand is that they will keep coming back for more and referring you to other people. Brand recognition is a very strong force. Did you know that Q-tips is a brand name? This will get you more clientele and help you sell more products. When the customer appreciates the brand, they are more inclined to purchase your services and products just out of love for the brand. It also gives them confidence that you will keep delivering the best services available. You could do this by:

  • Making sure that you stick to the facts as you tell a story
  • Make sure that you have a happy conclusion and solution when you are marketing our products.
  • If you opt to list down the recognition and awards that you have received then you should make the consumer understand why this information is important to them. This means that you should thank your consumers for your accomplishments because without them you would not have that recognition or award.


Carolina Direct Mail bulk mailThis is the toughest part of attracting consumers. Once you state the values and goals, you have to make sure that you actually go ahead and accomplish them. Set the work in motion; they need to see that the brand does not just talk it walks too. You have the option of constantly updating the consumers on your actions, or you could let your work speak for itself.

Carolina Direct Mail of Raleigh appreciates and applies this approach as it conducts its services. We are all about the results, that’s what matters! For more information on our services, contact us today! We are nothing more than a phone call or email away, we’re more than ready to answer any questions you may have!

Direct mail information is available from Limelight Direct Mail Marketing at 919-452-5418.