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How to go About Prospect Acquisition and Customer Retention For Direct Mailing

There is a big difference between sending direct mail for customer retention purposes and for prospect acquisition purposes. The reason bulk mailers cannot send the same thing to everyone is that retention and acquisition are very different, and are to be handled as such. You collect more information about your customers regarding their purchases and who they are so you can customize your direct mail to them accordingly. You have to really taoilr and craft your approach to gain clients effectively.

Direct Mail Retention

This kind of direct mail aims to keep customers buying from your business. This can be sent to get your customers to buy any new services or products you are offering or supplementary items to products they have bought from you before. The services or products you provide may restrict the frequency of this kind of direct mail. For instance, you may want to advertise new items on your food menu, but you don’t add them very often at all. Bulk mailers cannot send the same direct mail recurrently to their customers as it will eventually be regarded immedieatley as spam or trash. Bulk mailers will only send mail to their customers with new offers, to keep them interested.

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing direct mail RaleighDirect Mail Acquisition

This type of direct mail is aimed at getting bulk mailers new business meaning they will be sent to prospects that might have a little knowledge of the company or none at all. The key is that these people don’t know about YOUR company, but they are more likely to be interested than others. The most important thing to do is to capture attention before the piece can be thrown out. After capturing their attention, one needs to define clearly who they are and what they can do for their prospects. The main point is to establish all the benefits they can obtain from your service or product because generating a need for your offers is necessary. You must have a strong call to action to encourage their response. In most cases, an introductory discount or a free, small giveaway can be enough to attract prospects. It is also advisable to develop an element of urgency by restricting the amount of time that the offer is available.

Direct retention mail is easier for bulk mailers because the customers are aware of the company and thus willing to look at whatever you send them. You also know who your customers are and what they want so you can only give them offers you know they would be interested in. This reduces your costs while keeping up your return on investment. This does not mean you do not need a strong call to action or strong benefits just because you have already captured their attention. You just need to make the most of it. Offering a special customer-only offer can be beneficial in getting responses.

Consider that your response rate on the acquisition mail will be greatly reduced compared to retention mail. You can also help acquisition people buy from you by including testimonials. Reading about how others feel about your service or product reduces some of the tension in customers when trying something new. Giving the same amount of attention to both groups (prospects and customers) will enhance your results. The best company for you to go to for any of your direct mailing needs it Limelight Direct Mail

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Limelight Direct Mail Marketing direct mailAdvertising using mail is an important and viable element for any business with regards to marketing campaigns.
In order for your direct mail campaign to be the most successful it can, you should try to incorporate targeted mailing lists. The cost of using this kind of marketing is getting lower and lower making it one of the most practical advertising methods to employ, for any business. You can even go as far as to tailor your targeted mailing list so it caters to your specific clientele, this way it will be as effective as possible.

A targeted mailing list is different compared to every door direct mail in a specific set of zip codes. How? Using publicly available information, you can choose certain criteria for your advertising and marketing programs to develop the lists that will be sure to get your company in front of the proper target audience. What’s the point in advertising to people that you know wont be interested in your product. It’s like offering denture cream to 20 year olds. Sure, one or two may need it, but you’ll get way better results marketing to old people as the majority of them will probably be interested in your product.

How Can We Help?

We can work together to aid you in determining the target audience for your services or products. This might be a demographic that has been generated by a combination of elements such as general income level, gender, age, or even determining families with retirees or children. It can even include people who have identified certain factors thanks to online surveys.

When you gain an understanding of the people buying your product or individuals who are most likely to use your services then this will enable us to get an idea of the demographics to be considered. You will then be provided with these names or we can deal with your direct mail advertising needs on your behalf to ensure your next marketing campaign truly takes off.

Response Mailing List

This list has names of all the people who have responded to a specific offer or offers and it can include club members, sweepstake entrants, subscribers, inquirers, or buyers.

House Mailing List

This comprises of the in-house subscriber or proprietary customer lists of any publication or company. If an in-house mailing list is properly managed then it can be increasingly beneficial to the company as time goes by.

Compiled Mailing ListCarolina Direct Mail bulk mail

This list is comprised of people and demographics compiled using publicly-available and proprietary sources i.e. self-reported surveys, voter registrations, or telephone listings. This targeted mailing list category generally provides a higher volume and broader geography compared to the other types of mailing lists. Compiled mailing lists are usually subdivided into categories that make it much easier to segment prospects. A list comprising of new homeowners, movers, or new parents, for example, allows small businesses to concentrate on customers who can meet their target criteria more cost-efficiently. A compiled mailing list is especially useful to marketers who are trying to gain access to a well-defined segment. An example would be children’s’ toys manufacturer who would benefit from a list of new parents as it is more cost-effective than using a general compiled list.

Finding a properly targeted mailing list can make all the difference to your advertising and marketing campaign and it can determine whether everything goes successfully or not. If you want the best shot at launching a successful campign, you should get with Carolina Direct Mail, they’re one of the best Direct Mail advertisers in the Carolinas!

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Limelight Direct Mail Marketing mailing listHow To Choose A Target Audience For Your Direct Mail Campaign

If you are putting together a direct mail campaign, you should put the most consideration into choosing the right target audience, the precise product the audience will resonate with, and the unique messaging you will push for each campaign. If you use this approach, direct mail can be an extremely useful instrument in making your company a success. Let’s look at each consideration in detail.

Determining A Target Audience

Whether you are selling to a homemaker or massive business, you need to take time to put together your buyer personas and then several different probable buyers who make sense. Use data from previous campaigns and online channels to get more information of key demographics of your potential clients such as income, age, gender, occupation and so on. By identifying these buyer personas, you will be able to make a decision of how to create your campaigns messaging using the unique characteristics of the audience. Instead of carrying out one large campaign that is generic but less effective, you might want to consider carrying smaller multiple campaigns that have smaller quantities for each campaign but greater impact because they are specific to each target group. One could argue that a campaign focused only at the best target audience will be more effective than a much bigger and more broad campaign.

Choosing The Appropriate Product to HighlightLimelight Direct Mail Marketing Raleigh direct mail

What products or services are you wanting to push the most? That product or service is what your direct mail campaign should highlight. Because print gives you an opportunity to get the messaging and aesthetics right, think of how to present that star product in a captivating matter that will capture the attention of your existing customers and attract new customers.  Buyers want products and services that provide answers to their problems, and those that make life better and easier.

Personalizing Your Messaging

Personalization of messaging is common in digital and email campaigns but it can be very effective in direct mailing campaigns. You can personalize your direct mail campaigns by incorporating data such as gender, name, past donations/purchases, and location. This information helps you to create messaging that resonates with each unique target individual and demo. The majority of direct mail service providers don’t charge extra for personalizing your messaging. By marrying outbound and inbound marketing, you will be able to reach every potential client via direct mail. Your messaging should feel as though you were making a phone call in person.

Finding The Ideal Direct Mailing Company

LimeLight is a North Carolina’s direct mail company. It has been in operation since the year 2007 and it is a family-owned business. Over the years, LimeLight has perfected the art of direct mailing which is their core business. They have great prices and unrivaled customer service. Mail marketing is constantly changing and LimeLight ensures that all their strategies are up to date to meet the changing and growing demands of direct mail consumers. The company operates five days a week and ensures all deadlines are met and deliveries made on time. To learn more about LimeLight direct mail, visit their site or call in today!

In Raleigh, direct mail information is available from Limelight Direct Mail Marketing at 919-452-5418.

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing postcardThere are a variety of ways people use to market and promote their business. A postcard is one of them. Using a postcard offers companies the chance to grab attention and market their products and services to a range of clients. However, they need to design an effective card to guarantee their success. Here are some elements that will help you create a standout postcard.

Clear and Concise Headline – The headline is the central focal point on a postcard. A bold headline immediately allows a business to relay the desired message.

Include Graphics – Graphics are beneficial. They add value to the message in the headline in addition to making it easily understandable.

Use Subheadings – Subheadings make the postcard easy to read when used appropriately. Subheads show the prospect where to start reading and act as a guide to the information is in that section.

Benefits – Most people prefer knowing what you do to them than how great you are. So instead of adding info about your business, add your brand name and logo and use the other space to tell clients about the benefits. Lets them know how they stand to benefit.

Give Offers – It is not a must for an offer to be a gift. Just using words like “Limited Supply” and “Save 20 or 50% on certain purchases” will make the difference.

Maximize Your Space – Postcards come in a variety of sizes. Pick a size that meets your needs. Make sure that the cards chosen grab the recipient’s attention and communicates your complete message.

Use Bright Colors – Using a color that pops. The headlines, subheadings, and text should stick out. Bright colors help the mailing to stand out from the other mail.

Call To Action – These tell the audience exactly what to do. Include a call to action like, “Call for more information,” “Sign up for our newsletter” or even “See us online.” These are just some of the desired call to actions you should use.

Contact Information – Call to action should be followed by contact information. Provide customer care number, web address and an email address that your prospects can easily reach you.

Return address – Return address communicates you are an established professional. They ensure you will get returned mail from the post office.

For more information on designing a direct mail postcard contact Limelight Direct Mail Marketing at 919-452-5418.

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing direct mailThe effectiveness of direct mail is still incredible, even with the existence of hi-tech options such as emails, social media, Skype, etc. In fact, direct mail shows a significant effectiveness mainly as a marketing tool according to research conducted by many professionals. Nearly 75% of the people tend to open the direct letters as soon as possible. Any business can consider direct mail as a handy tool; here are some creative points to consider when launching a direct mail campaign.

Stand out from the crowd

The material sent via direct mail (the cover, envelop, the postcard, etc.) must be unique; the recipient must be able to differentiate it from the rest of the letters. A thicker material for a postcard, unique color selection, different wrapping style, etc. can be helpful in this case.

Large envelopes are the best

Small envelopes are less expensive than larger ones; they are also less effective than larger envelopes. Therefore, those who plan direct mail campaigns should consider using larger envelopes. Such envelopes grab the attention of the recipient and encourage them to view the contents seriously.

Make it bulky

Recipients tend to open all the fat envelopes before everything else. So, if a particular company sends a thick packet, the respective company can expect a better and a more fruitful ‘open rate’ from the recipients.

Offers are more persuasive

It is always useful to offer something instead of selling the products. The proposal you expose must be compelling for the customers. Having an ending date for this offer is essential.

Give it a human touch

A generic direct mail comes with less effectiveness. Recipients tend to take it pretty seriously if the direct mail has his or her name on it (inside materials). The sender should be wise enough to address the recipient with a personal touch.

Target special occasions

A direct mail sent on a special occasion is highly efficient. Birthdays, anniversaries and personal achievements are some of the moments to consider.

In addition to that, the CTA (call to action) must be mentioned in the direct mail clearly without confusing the recipient. The CTA should be designed professionally and persuasively. Offering freebies upon the completion of CTA is another very effective strategy to consider.

For more information about using direct mail for your business, contact Limelight Direct Mail Marketing at 919-452-5418.