Limelight Direct Mail Marketing Greensboro direct mail Direct Mail Marketing is a proven method for advertising a business cost-effectively over a wide area. Still, making the most of such a widespread method can be challenging. Fortunately, there are ways to improve the effectiveness of this method.

Tips from Greensboro Direct Mail: Using Behavioral Science in Marketing

Targeted Demographics

One powerful method is behavioral science, which allows marketers to design their efforts based on human behavior and actions. For example, studies have shown that people whose age ends in a 9 (i.e., 19, 29, etc.) are more open to advertising and marketing efforts. Therefore, mail marketing that targets such demographics will perform better statistically than those just sent through the mail by zip code in hopes of reaching future customers.


Another increasingly common tactic is using plain, rather than branded, envelopes. This tactic increases the likelihood that people will open and read, or at least look at, the mail in question. Besides the apparent fact of people’s general curiosity, generic envelopes help overcome people’s inclination to avoid bad news, often found in the mail.

Costly Signaling

Another tool in the mail marketing arsenal is called costly signaling. This method uses the adage you get what you pay for, implying that a high-quality marketing piece reflects the company’s quality. Cheap advertising tends to make people question how good a service or product is, though the risks of spending too much on advertising are a constant concern.

Physical Media

On the bright side, studies have shown that, generally, retention is stronger with physical media over digital. That means direct mail marketing strategies are more likely to find future customers than digital efforts. Whether in Raleigh or Greensboro, direct mail marketing can use people’s natural behaviors to improve success.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies often rely on science, algorithms, and metrics to succeed. Behavioral science is another tool in the advertising arsenal to achieve success with widespread marketing methods. Direct mail marketing is a pretty inexpensive method. The trick is to maximize results without breaking the advertising budget.

By implementing simple strategies like targeting the right demographics and using high-quality material, direct mail marketing can help many businesses reach new or previous customers, regardless of the service or products involved.

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing

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