Adults born between 1981 and 1994, also known as Millennials, are the target demographic for most marketers today. Contrary to what some people think, getting direct mail is popular with Millennials. These are people used to digital communication, but research has shown, they like receiving mail even more than the older generations.

Checking the Mailbox

We are presently living in a widespread pandemic, but this hasn’t stopped companies from sending direct mail. Shockingly, checking the mailbox during the pandemic is a daily highlight for some adults. It is how people who are quarantined are connecting with the rest of the world.

Millennials have undeniably colossal purchasing power, which is why businesses and marketers concentrate on them as consumers. They can also influence the older generation putting them at an optimal position for companies. It is estimated that over the next five years, millennials will increase their per capita income by more than 10%, which translates to even more purchasing power. But how do you, as a business, maximize direct mail impact with the millennials?  Here are some direct mail tips.

Create a Targeted List

This task is a no brainer, but you have to get a better and more targeted list with Millennials. Scale down and target behaviors, demographics, and life events. In direct mail marketing to Millennials, use personalization to influence their purchasing decisions and drive customer loyalty.

Test, Track, Repeat

What is the overall effectiveness of your marketing? When testing direct mail marketing for millennials, be aware that not all adults are created equal. Millennials on the older part of the generation have different likes, dislikes, values, and priorities than the younger millennials, and testing makes all the difference.

Test everything in the direct mail marketing strategy from the call to action to the direct mail piece’s size. Through testing and tracking, you can learn a lot, and if well tracked, you can increase your return on investment. Always have a method to evaluate your direct mail marketing campaign’s effectiveness and then adapt your future campaign strategies.

Increase Touchpoints

It is said that getting your message in front of someone multiple times will increase their ability to recall your business. After seven times, they can remember your brand, and after seeing your brand 20 times, they start to develop trust in the brand.

Use omnichannel marketing programs for multiplying your touchpoints. These include social media, online, and mailboxes. Utilize all the available channels in coordinated marketing messages and increase the touchpoints by reaching them at any location.

As a brand, don’t shy away from using other marketing channels together with direct mail. Direct mail is the most effective method but counting out other media is a mistake.

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