Advertisement campaigns are futile if reachability is not sufficient. Every advertising campaign aims to reach the masses and persuade the leads and convert them into customers. If you’re planning to launch a direct mail campaign via postcards, this article can increase the efficacy of your advertisement campaign.

What’s the Deal with Scratch off Postcards?

The foremost tip is to focus on the age-old and the most trusted AIDA model. If you’re not yet aware, then AIDA is a short version of four basic techniques:

A – Grab customer attention
I – Create interest in your offering
D – Build the customer’s desire towards the purchase
A – Request for action of purchase

Carolina Direct Mail bulk mail CharlotteWhich is the best advertising media amongst the range of options available? Scratch-off postcards are gaining a lot of popularity these days. Reasons for the high success rate and popularity of these scratch-off postcards:

Interactive – These scratch off postcards are like birthday surprises. The customers cannot resist the urge to scratch off and find out the lucrative offers waiting for them. Hence, step one of persuading the customer to consider our ad is achieved with 90% efficiency via scratch-off postcards. There is an instant interest in the promotion.

Customizations – Customizing the hidden promotions or messages can be done at any point in time. This customization helps you in aligning your aim with that of the campaign. There can be giveaways, percent off purchases, dollar amounts towards purchases, buy one, get one free promotion – the list is endless. Track which offers bring in the most customers and adjust the campaign accordingly.

Additional Features – With a scratch-off postcard, you don’t need another source for publishing the other details. The front of the card can have a scratch-off message, and you can use the entire backside for displaying additional relevant information for the product/service that can help persuade the customers.

Breath New Life Into Your Advertising

Overall statistics show that scratch-off postcards are an effective means of advertising. They are well received by the general public and draw interest to your business. The instant gratification of “winning” something gets the audience to spend more time with the promotional card. Be sure to have a “cash-in date” on the postcard to spur the contact into action.

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