Greensboro Bulk Mailer: The Ultimate Guide to The Do’s and Don’ts of Bulk Mailing

Bulk Mailing Do's and Don'ts 1 Most business owners have no idea what direct mailing is and have no intention of starting a direct mail marketing campaign for their business. Direct mailing is the revolutionary marketing campaign for all businesses that want to prosper now. Imagine how expensive the world was for businesses before technology developed. Marketing campaigns for business used to take up most of the finance of the business. Currently, the world is angling towards the paperless, faster, and cheaper means of advertising for business. What better way to do this, than by using Greensboro bulk mailer? This will help you understand the pros and cons of Direct Mailing for your business. Pros

  • The 40/40/20 Rule: You need to have a sufficient plan before you start a campaign. This rule comes in handy when trying to plan your Direct Mailing campaign before you execute it. The rule states that the success of your campaign will depend on three factors, namely-
  • 40% – The effectiveness of your mailing list;
  • 40% – Compellability of your offer; and
  • 20% – This covers design, delivery method, delivery date, images used, and the text/copy of the mailing, among other things.
  • Market test: This is closely related to the 40/40/20 rule. Even if you create the best plan since sliced bread, the best way to know how effective it is to try it out. Put the test to work. This will be easier and more effective if you work in a small community. Test the market out in a small area if you serve a large community. Start small and keep measuring how effective the plan is as you keep expanding. This will help you come up with a more effective plan and product for a larger community. Make sure every time you try it out, you have changed a variable. This will make it easier to know which plan works best.
  • Call to action: When advertising your products and services, it is very easy to stick to impressions such as TV and billboard advertising. This is a good angle but it should only be considered as the first step. It should compel and entice people to get to know about your business and reaching out to more potential clients. When it comes to direct mail, you should put in the extra effort by creating the most enticing call to action, ever. It could be a discount, sale or even a contest, promotion or call to conduct a survey.


  1. Proofreading: Typos are irritating and show a lack of seriousness. Sending an email with a typo will absolutely guarantee that it will end up in the trash. The poor print quality or a formatting issue will definitely get you in your community’s bad books. Make sure you get someone to proofread your content and give you trusted opinions on how to improve your content.
  2. Not following up: Track your direct mail responses with things like coupon codes. Track it in a manageable way that helps you engage with customers and make your mail marketing campaign successful. You can send them a thank you note or include them in the business VIP list. This will make them more obliged to keep engaging with your business.

A lot of common sense comes to play with this. Just think, what would make you react positively as a customer? Don’t overdo it or try too hard, just keep a leveled head and don’t get disappointed when the results aren’t what you want them to be. Mail marketing might seem outdated but it really is a great way to reach people still, people like having tangible things. Learn more about our Asheville direct mail services.