What Are the Key Demographics in Direct Mail Marketing?

If you analyze the Mail marketing field, you will realize that it is more of a science than a superstition. Measurement and quantifiability are what turn it into a science. These markers and indicators go a long way towards predicting costs, returns, and so many more things. Though advertising is always an unknown in the end, this can give you a much better overall understanding of things. A simple advertisement could catch fire and get you in front of a way bigger group of people than you usually reach. At the same time, it could also be a huge miss and you may get literally no interaction on or from it.

What Demographics Matter Most?

Key mail marketing demographics help you navigate the unpredictable nature of mail marketing. It gives you more information on how to set up your next ad campaign to attract your target market. The first step is to identify your target market. Knowing what to look out for and what kinds of people are most likely to come to you makes it much easier to make those connections with customers. Once you know what you need to target, you can make all of your advertising efforts far more fruitful. Please do note that marketing demographics are not meant to discriminate on anyone.  They are merely meant to be a tool that allows you better know who your customers are. Below are the big demographics that you need to familiarize yourself with.

  • Race: For example, you may be marketing a product that is more popular with a certain race because of certain needs or other factors. What you’re most likely to learn, is that your demographics are a mix of many different races and makeups of people, but with majorities in certain groups. Take an ethnic hair product for example, mostly used by African American’s, but still used by people from all groups and walks of life. With this knowledge, you can target certain areas of your communities more than others and target your ad campaigns.
  • Sex: This demographic is more product-dependent than most if not all others. Your marketing mind may tell you to just go for the sex that most aligns with your business. But, as a true marketer, you will realize that you need to attract as many people as you can. Thus, this demographic will help you create more inclusive advertisements that will help you attract more people of the opposite sex too.
  • Age: This demographic is also very dependent on whatever products or services you offer. You should always include all of the are groups you can, just focus more on certain ones. The easiest way to do this is to conduct a survey or do some research online. Through this information, you can figure out what age groups are more into your product or service. Common sense goes a long way for this too, logic goes a long way in figuring out what people shop with you most. This information will help you target advertisements.
  • Education: Your products or services may appeal to people of a certain education background because it’s something they use or utilize more commonly. With something like high-quality software or high-level books on certain subjects, you could expect more educated people to be looking at those things. Not to say you shouldn’t advertise to everyone, but going for these targets markets will give you better results.

Again, these demographics are just there to help you figure out who your main clientele is so you can continue to market more to them and thus get the best marketing results possible for your business. For more information about mail marketing, reach out to Carolina Direct Mail. We’ll be glad to try and help you out! You can learn more about our Charlotte direct mail services here.