Limelight Direct Mail Marketing direct mail The effectiveness of direct mail is still incredible, even with the existence of hi-tech options such as emails, social media, Skype, etc. In fact, direct mail shows a significant effectiveness mainly as a marketing tool according to research conducted by many professionals. Nearly 75% of the people tend to open the direct letters as soon as possible. Any business can consider direct mail as a handy tool; here are some creative points to consider when launching a direct mail campaign.

Stand out from the crowd

The material sent via direct mail (the cover, envelop, the postcard, etc.) must be unique; the recipient must be able to differentiate it from the rest of the letters. A thicker material for a postcard, unique color selection, different wrapping style, etc. can be helpful in this case.

Large envelopes are the best

Small envelopes are less expensive than larger ones; they are also less effective than larger envelopes. Therefore, those who plan direct mail campaigns should consider using larger envelopes. Such envelopes grab the attention of the recipient and encourage them to view the contents seriously.

Make it bulky

Recipients tend to open all the fat envelopes before everything else. So, if a particular company sends a thick packet, the respective company can expect a better and a more fruitful ‘open rate’ from the recipients.

Offers are more persuasive

It is always useful to offer something instead of selling the products. The proposal you expose must be compelling for the customers. Having an ending date for this offer is essential.

Give it a human touch

A generic direct mail comes with less effectiveness. Recipients tend to take it pretty seriously if the direct mail has his or her name on it (inside materials). The sender should be wise enough to address the recipient with a personal touch.

Target special occasions

A direct mail sent on a special occasion is highly efficient. Birthdays, anniversaries and personal achievements are some of the moments to consider.

In addition to that, the CTA (call to action) must be mentioned in the direct mail clearly without confusing the recipient. The CTA should be designed professionally and persuasively. Offering freebies upon the completion of CTA is another very effective strategy to consider.

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