Limelight Direct Mail Marketing postcard There are a variety of ways people use to market and promote their business. A postcard is one of them. Using a postcard offers companies the chance to grab attention and market their products and services to a range of clients. However, they need to design an effective card to guarantee their success. Here are some elements that will help you create a standout postcard.

Clear and Concise Headline – The headline is the central focal point on a postcard. A bold headline immediately allows a business to relay the desired message.

Include Graphics – Graphics are beneficial. They add value to the message in the headline in addition to making it easily understandable.

Use Subheadings – Subheadings make the postcard easy to read when used appropriately. Subheads show the prospect where to start reading and act as a guide to the information is in that section.

Benefits – Most people prefer knowing what you do to them than how great you are. So instead of adding info about your business, add your brand name and logo and use the other space to tell clients about the benefits. Lets them know how they stand to benefit.

Give Offers – It is not a must for an offer to be a gift. Just using words like “Limited Supply” and “Save 20 or 50% on certain purchases” will make the difference.

Maximize Your Space – Postcards come in a variety of sizes. Pick a size that meets your needs. Make sure that the cards chosen grab the recipient’s attention and communicates your complete message.

Use Bright Colors – Using a color that pops. The headlines, subheadings, and text should stick out. Bright colors help the mailing to stand out from the other mail.

Call To Action – These tell the audience exactly what to do. Include a call to action like, “Call for more information,” “Sign up for our newsletter” or even “See us online.” These are just some of the desired call to actions you should use.

Contact Information – Call to action should be followed by contact information. Provide customer care number, web address and an email address that your prospects can easily reach you.

Return address – Return address communicates you are an established professional. They ensure you will get returned mail from the post office.

For more information on designing a direct mail postcard contact Limelight Direct Mail Marketing at 919-452-5418.