Even in the digital age, direct mail marketing is still effective. Savvy business owners incorporate direct mail in their marketing strategies. The reason why is because research has shown that 64% of people visit a particular website after receiving direct mail, and 54% of people engage in social media as a result of receiving direct mail. As opposed to digital marketing, direct mail doesn’t feel as invasive or as pushy. Direct mail helps your brand stand out from the digital crowd away from all the digital noise.

Give Your Customers Something to Actually Hold and Look at

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing direct Mail Marketing How does direct mail improve the overall customer experience? Today, everything has gone digital, but it’s slowly losing touch with customers. The average person receives 103 emails and sees approximately 63 ads a day. This barrage of incoming messages means the user feels like they are bombarded by digital mail all the time. With direct mail, its collectible, tangible and has a dimension of shareability.

Direct mail can be shared with friends or family or saved for future reference, which is a challenge with emails. People can keep and hold on to the direct mail and reference it many times in their decision making. Direct mail can be placed on a refrigerator or bulletin board where it is seen regularly.

Direct Mail Shows Effort and Thought

Digital marketing is also vital to improving customer experience. However, adding direct mail to digital marketing is a fantastic way to drive in-store and online sales. With direct mail marketing, a single catalog grabs the consumer’s attention with a full and more productive brand story as compared to online tools that have one image or one text line.

How Direct Mail Improves Your Overall Customer Experience 2 With direct mail, the client takes time with the brochure or catalog in their hands to read and understand it in full. With emails, most people read the subject, and a considerable percentage never bother to open the email.

Direct mail marketing is effective and enhances the overall customer experience. A brand in an email is not as significant to the client as the brand in his mailbox. Marketers should re-examine the relevance, role, and return on investment of direct mail in today’s world. Direct mail should be used as part of broader customer experience, increasing brand excitement. Direct mail has a much more significant impact on the mind of the client. It’s going to be easier to remember a brand whose catalog or brochure is lying on your coffee table as compared to the one on the email.

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