Timing your Direct Mail Campaign

How to Time Your Direct Mail Campaigns 1 Direct mail campaigns allow marketers in businesses to send promotional content and information to past and potential customers. Promotional content may include newsletters, brochures, catalogs, postcards, as well as newsletters. Whatever way it comes, the important thing is getting in front of people and giving them a reason to be interested in you, whether that be detailing the services you offer, giving coupons, or whatever else.

Timing is a very important aspect when referring to direct mail campaigns. Think of it this way. What happens when you send out content marketing a product and realize that by the time anyone gets that mail, your offer will have ended or no longer be valid? Late mail is as a good as irrelevant, and it will leave your clients relying on your competitors as they may see you as unprofessional for that. Below are tips that will ensure timely mail with a positive reaction from your customers.

Prioritize time-sensitive content

Time-sensitive content refers to promotional content that is provided within a given period. For example, if you will be running adverts on specific sport events, you need to be well aware of the time frame on this at all times. This means that you are not in a position to determine when you have to promote the content, you need to do it so it fits into the schedule. Ideally, you want to send out a quality product as soon as you can so people have time to mull over it and make a choice without being pressured by time.

Send mail before your busy seasons

Most businesses have a peak season when things are busy and business is at its best. It is important that you send out direct mail before this time comes. You don’t need more business when you’re already super busy, you need it when you’re not! You also don’t want to be rushing these out or doing them just because, always have a plan. For example, if you are marketing activities that are meant for winter season such as skiing, you need to send mail well before winter arrives so people can plan and prepare well in advance.

Immediately send any time-sensitive content

When it comes to advertising, sending out coupons and offers are a great strategy to attract consumers and beat competitors. These types of strategies have to be acted on fast, any coupons or offers need to only be valid for a few weeks. With things like this, it is so important that you get them mailed out immediately, the whole point of these is giving people a great offer and getting them to respond that quickly. If it’s available for a long time it’s just not as special.

Maintain an open relationship with your direct mail vendor

Even after playing your part as a marketer, you must make sure that your direct mail vendor plays their part. Before leaving your vendor with mail, always confirm that they can send the mail right away instead of putting it in line with the rest of backlog jobs. Make it so clear to the vendor of the date you need your mail delivered. More importantly, it’s great to build a close relationship with one vendor as opposed to trying different vendors every time you need to send mail so you can build a good rapport and loyalty. Working with someone you know makes a world of difference, it means they’ll actually be invested in the project because they don’t want to mess up the connection you have.

The use of direct mail must loosely follow the above criteria for it to be successful. The above pointers will guide you in making the right decision-making process. However you ultimately go about it, direct mail is a fantastic marketing avenue for most businesses.