The lead conversion rate with direct mail advertising is much higher than the other digital marketing methods. Businesses should take the time to design materials that attract a customer’s eye and trigger them to respond. Here are some secret tips for direct mail marketing to ensure a great response.

Direct Mail Campaigns – Keeping the Quality High

Carolina Mail Marketing direct mail marketing Fix the goal: When planning a direct mail campaign, first, define the objective of the campaign. Whether the goal is to grab new customers or promote some new items, having a clear purpose is the first step towards goal achievement.

Identify the audience: Draw on past experience. Who responded to previous advertisements? Identify the demographics who might find the offerings beneficial. This advertising rule is straightforward: people who find the offers useful will respond. Use tactics of sales and bargains with deadlines to elicit a response.

Prepare the mailing list: Use the data of existing clients to prepare a new target list for direct mail marketing. Try identifying patterns in the current set of customers and then research and find data sets of similar people to target with the new campaign.

You MUST Have a Plan Before You Act

Build a message: Identify strengths and points of parities that set the business apart from its competitors. Use these as the highlighting message to attract customers. These messages can include better prices, superior quality, better customer service, longer hours, etc.

State an offer: Along with the message, make an offer that ensures a high conversion rate. Make offers like free shipping, additional discounts, or purchase benefits with a deadline and notice of expiry soon.

Use digital outreach strategy: Integrate digital marketing platforms and direct mail marketing. Use multiple platforms to reach out to customers – snail mail and email. Further, in the mailing, add QR codes or downloadable coupons which can direct the traffic directly to your website page.

Ensure Quality and Good Work at Every Step

Create actual mail: Now, using all the collected information, prepare the actual mailing draft. Ensure to highlight the key message in the headline. Make the offer irresistible.

Get the mailer printed: With the mailing in hand and the mailing list ready look for a company that can offer both printing service and digital mailing. This dual mailing can intensify the impact of your digital mailing campaign.

Prepare for mailing: Follow the USPS guidelines for mailing. If emailing, follow the proper guidelines to avoid the emails going directly to spam folders.

Keep track of responses: Use analytic tools to keep track of responses and all the people visiting the business’ website. They are potential leads. Send reminder emails to obtain the lead conversion.

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