Limelight direct mail marketing Direct Mail in Greensboro The success of a company’s holiday marketing typically affects whether or not it will have a prosperous year, and this year will be no exception. Following the pandemic, the economy has recovered, which means many individuals have more money to spend. Marketing your business correctly will have some of that money heading your way. Here are a few holiday marketing ideas to use in 2021.

Direct Mail in Greensboro: 2021 Holiday Marketing Ideas

Size Matters

There is more competition for your customer’s attention throughout the holiday season, both online and offline. As a result, a larger-than-normal mail item sticks out amongst the volumes of mail pieces received at this time of year. Here are several possibilities:

  • Larger Envelope – use a #11 envelope instead of a #10
  • Heavier Paper Stock – For smaller, higher-value target audiences
  • Jumbo Postcard – Mail an 11″x6″ card. The additional room allows for festive messaging.

Extend the Season

Plan on getting your holiday mailing out well ahead of time to reach people who want to get their shopping done early. However, you can extend the season for several weeks into the new year after the holidays. Make an effort to reach out to people with promos such as:

  • Winter Sales
  • End-of-Season specials
  • Closeout/Inventory Reduction Sales
  • End of the Year/Happy New Year Season

Expand Your Reach

Your brand should be evident in digital channels like email, web ads, and social media. In today’s market, customers have come to expect it. However, to exceed their expectations and distinguish yourself apart from the competition, your direct mail should be effective across multiple platforms. Listed below are a few examples:

  • Customers are sent to landing sites with tailored offers using Personalized URLs.
  • Informed Delivery — these initiatives provide customers with a digital glimpse of their impending mail.

Customer Appreciation

Maintaining an existing customer can cost anywhere from 5 to 25 times less than obtaining a new one, depending on who you ask. Moreover, this statistic holds throughout the year. You have the opportunity to reward your consumers for their loyalty during the holidays.

Appreciation Notes

A simple purchase acknowledgment makes a customer feel appreciated and significant. Of course, you don’t need much to make an impression – a small postcard would suffice. But it amazes clients and offers them even more reason to keep buying from you when it arrives during the holiday season.

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing

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