Limelight Direct Mail Marketing direct mail in Greensboro In a world where communication has been digitized, where you can reach anyone in a matter of seconds, does snail mail still have a place in marketing? We think it does. Direct mail is still a great way to connect with your customers on a more personal level and leave them with something to hold onto regarding your business. It’s easy to trash emails before reading them or even mark them as spam, but when something comes to you in your mailbox, you’re more likely to take a second glance.

Tips About Direct Mail in Greensboro NC: Using Direct Mail Today

Effective Marketing

Believe it or not, direct mail is still the third most effective way to reach your customers. The first is email, and the second is social media, but social media only leads direct mail by 1%. The return on direct mail marketing is higher than paid searches or online ad displays. It’s also more effective when combined with a digital marketing strategy, such as social media ads or a well-planned email campaign.

Targeting Customers

Direct mail is also easy when targeting the right customers for your business. This might seem tricky, but there are tons of tools to help you narrow this down. For example, you can sort by zip codes, age ranges, household size, and even household income to be sure you’re sending your advertisements to people who would be interested. Therefore, direct mail can be just as precise as the usual digital marketing avenues.

Tracking Results

Direct mail can also be tracked when you use the right tools. Unlike digital ads that offer immediate statistics, you may need to do a little extra to get accurate metrics. For example, create a specific landing page for the marketing campaign, or use an alternate phone number to see who replies to these ads. Whatever call to action you decide on, these tricks will make it easier to track how well your direct mail campaign is working.

Less Crowded Path

Fewer businesses have been using direct mail for their advertising, which might seem bad, but in reality, your mailed ads are more likely to be considered. This is because mailboxes aren’t as swamped with junk mail as they once were; therefore, when customers come across your flyers, they’re more likely to do a double take and engage. In addition, it feels more personalized so take advantage by including your signature at the bottom or a unique message.

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing

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