Carolina Direct Mail direct mail marketingIs Direct Mail Marketing Still Effective?

While some businesses are going all out, using bulk or saturation mailings to increase the frontiers of their marketing efforts, others are questioning the effectiveness of this marketing strategy because, according to them, ‘it is a digital age.’

Direct mail marketing is a game-changer, and the data is undeniable. Businesses that still deploy this form of marketing can attest to its effectiveness. If you plan to execute a direct mail campaign, here are some key things to know and put to use.

What is Saturation Mailing?

If you plan on targeting prospective clients within a specific location and at the lowest postage rate, then what you need is Saturation Mailing. This form of mailing is cost-effective and can get you the desired results in record time. There’s an aspect of using this method not known by most businesses, and that is the problem of drop addresses and drop stops.

Drop Stops

Drop Stops are locations like apartment complexes that don’t have separate street addresses. Getting your mail to individual units can be a hit or miss. Drop stops can hurt your bottom line when using direct mail marketing- but that is if you allow it.

Drop Addresses

A Drop Address means an assigned point where a postal employee can drop a bundle of advertising materials. Nothing hurts more than finding your direct mail pieces wasting away or lying exposed to just anyone. The coupons could end up missing, and anyone could rough handle them or even drop them in a dumpster. No one enjoys the sight of wasted investment.


Since you don’t want that to waste money, here’s what you need to do to avoid the problems with Drop Stops and Drop Addresses. You can stop these locations from ruining your direct mailing by working with an experienced direct mail company with the facilities and software that detects drop stops and drop addresses. They will ensure that every trace of drop sites in your area is wholly identified and erased. 

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing

If you don’t know where to begin, employ the service of a well-versed direct mail account professional, and your direct mail marketing will take an upward turn. At Limelight Direct Mail Marketing, we show marketers how to bypass the awful experiences of dealing with drop addresses. We offer a full-service direct mail option. We run expert analyses to identify drop addresses and keep them in check. Our free evaluation service checks your direct mail marketing program to ensure nothing is hindering the conversions. Contact us at 919-452-5418.