Limelight Direct Mail Marketing Want to plan your direct mail marketing campaign but don’t know if the postal service will stay? Well, you don’t need to worry because the postal service is here to stay. Here is everything you need to know about the postal service and its changes.

Current State Of The Postal Service

Don’t worry, the mail you send for your direct mail marketing has a high chance of being delivered on time. Reports show that the standard of service for delivery is being met, so there is no cause to panic. However, there have been mail delays, and that is because of COVID-19. These delays are just a day or two and are only in a few geographic areas. The postal service is taking steps to solve these issues.

Operational Changes And Its Effects

Many operational changes were implemented in July. However, it is time to review those changes and see if they made any difference in service. There have been improvements:

  • Internal on-time transportation dispatch scheduled came to a score of 97.3%
  • Extra and unscheduled dispatch trips came down by 71%

They are trying to improve even further, so your direct mail marketing campaign will not be affected. The USPS works to ensure that all mail is delivered in a timely fashion.

The Finances Of The Postal Service

Did you know that the Postal Service is doing financially better in the past five years than any previous year? Yes, its finances have significantly improved, and even this year, it increased its revenue despite COVID-19. The service is fully capable of delivering mail, and we don’t see it running out of cash anytime soon. There has been a lot of political controversy around their service, but they are still reliable and robust.

The USPS has the resources and finances to run operations smoothly. Your direct mail marketing campaign will not be affected as you can count on them delivering your marketing mail on time.

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing

The Postal Service is not going anywhere anytime soon. They have now increased their prices on some parcels, and they now have access to credit. If you want to do your mail marketing, then the Postal Service is still a viable option.

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