Limelight Direct Mail Marketing bulk mail in Greensboro If you’re targeting a specific audience, then the last thing you want to do is write copy that they can’t understand. The key is to get your audience to think that you’re talking directly to them. When you connect in this way, you’re providing value, and your audience will be ready to take the next step – buying your products or booking your services.

Bulk Mail in Greensboro: Writing Clear Copy

Here are a few steps to help ensure that your target audience for bulk mail in Greensboro can understand all of your copy.

Write for a Specific Audience

When marketing your product or services, consider the education level of your target audience – high school graduation, college, or an advanced university degree – and aim your sales copy to that audience. For example, people with higher degrees aren’t going to appreciate slang and 7th grade English. Likewise, customers who have high school and a bit of college will not understand the “university degree term paper style of language.”

Provide Advice, Not Demands

People don’t like being told what to do, but they will accept advice. Ensure your sales copy isn’t pushy. You need to provide some value for the customer. Present a problem they might have, whether short-term or long-term, then offer a solution, which will also include an offer for them to reach out to you for more advice.

Edit, Edit, and Edit

First, read your sales copy out loud. If there are mistakes, correct them, and fix any awkward sounding language. Now is the time to remove any regional slang, as not everyone will understand that. Be concise and try to say it in as few words as possible because you only have about ten seconds to make a great impression and encourage your target reader to continue. Next, send your sales copy to a business partner who can also read it through. They may have questions and suggest improvements or changes.

Don’t worry about getting your sales copy right the first time you type it out. Type out all your ideas first, then edit and proofread, and do it again. Finally, design your mailing and get ready to send your bulk mail Greensboro messages out to your target audience. Your final step is making time to respond quickly to inquiries and complete your sales goals.

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing

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