Limelight Direct Mail Marketing Greensboro direct mailIt’s been challenging getting business the past couple of years but direct marketing – the practice of directly targeting specific clients – is still influential today. But instead of sending envelopes that no one will open, try sending something eye-catching for your next Greensboro direct mail campaign. We have some fun holiday direct mail marketing ideas for your business.

Choose Cool Eye-Catching Images

Your business postcards should have bright and colorful images on the front that immediately get noticed by the mail recipient, something that will stop them in their tracks to have a look. You want a design that will entice them enough to flip the card over to see your company logo and contact details on the back of the card. Your direct mail postcards should be so fun and lively that the potential customer will stick them on the bulletin board to look at later.

Add a Holiday Elements

Have a fun postcard of someone using your products or services, have it decorated with fun holiday graphics. Our company can add these. All you have to do is supply the image, or we can arrange to have the photographs taken for you or find excellent clipart.

Offer a Holiday Incentive

Don’t just send a postcard without inviting an action. Instead, put a small incentive on the back of the card. Perhaps you can offer a discount over a specific timeframe, invite recipients to a small gathering, or provide a free magnet or postcard with purchase. Incentives don’t have to be expensive to be effective. Many people are tempted by the small gifts and discount coupons offered through direct mail campaigns. And don’t forget to include your working days or hours, so clients know when to visit or contact you.

Utilize Large Postcards as Gifts

You can even do your direct marketing in reverse, mainly if your business sells online and in-person products or services. For example, hand out attractive oversized postcards with your company contact information along with a holiday greeting at your business source. But instead of filling out the address side, leave it blank, but attach a postage stamp. Hand these out to customers after you’ve completed the transaction. They can send the postcard to a loved one quickly and promote your business.

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing

There are many ways to boost your holiday sales. Start planning now, so we have plenty of time here at Limelight Direct Mail Marketing in Greensboro, NC, to get all your direct mail items printed up and mailed out to your chosen clients. Soon your local business will be capturing the notice of present and future clients.  Contact us today at 919-452-5418.