Limelight Direct Mail Marketing direct mail in Greensboro Direct mail can be one of the most effective methods of reaching potential or returning customers, allowing you to send information about sales, special deals, and product information.
However, despite the relative effectiveness of sending direct mail to people, the success level differs among demographics. For example, one group of receivers is consistently highly responsive to direct mail – older people. That’s right – older demographics typically respond much better to receiving direct mail than other demographics. This article will explain exactly how to target these older demographics.

Senior Demographic Marketing

There are a few different ways to improve the effectiveness of your direct mail marketing to older demographics. One obvious choice you may already be thinking of is to make the font on your print larger so that it’s easier to read. However, it goes deeper than just font size.

Know Your Audience

First, consider how seniors view themselves and the products they show interest in. Elderly citizens view themselves as up to a decade younger than they are, which can contribute to the types of products they use. Knowing this, use it to your advantage in your marketing. For example, use slightly younger people in your marketing images. Then, consult with a direct mail marketing expert who can relay helpful insights into what your target demographic is looking for.

Use Straightforward Design & Language

You’ll also want to ensure your message is direct and to the point. Older demographics typically aren’t interested in abstract advertising or having to do any mental gymnastics to understand the product or service you’re offering. So be upfront with your offer and include concrete details to entice them and their wallets.

Take a Personal Approach

Studies have shown that seniors are one of the most sentimental demographics in the consumer environment today. With direct mail marketing, it pays to know who your potential customers are at a personal level. Play on their sentimentality to ensure they remember what you’re offering and to get them more interested. Try to stick to information personally tailored to them for the best results.

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing

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