Limelight Direct Mail Marketing direct mail in Greensboro In a technologically focused world, it can be easy to forget how effective direct mail marketing is. Your customers are subjected to an avalanche of marketing emails in their inbox every morning (which they often delete without opening). A physical message delivered to a customer’s door can help your company stand out from the crowd, enjoy a higher ROI and reinforce online marketing messaging with a more personal approach. This article will look at direct mail marketing, the benefits of using a direct mail marketing strategy for your company, and where you find an excellent, innovative, and affordable marketing company that offers direct mail in Greensboro, NC.

What are the Benefits of Direct Mail Campaigns?

  • Higher Open Rate. An open rate of 90% compared to 20% for email marketing campaigns.
  • Higher ROI. Direct mailing services offer a significant return on investment (ROI) – approximately $4 for every $1 spent. Cover your bases by combining a targeted mailing and email approach to your target audience. For example, if they delete your email unread, they still might browse a physical reminder that lands in their mailbox.
  • Trust. Consumers find direct mail more trustworthy than the claims they see on social media or in digital marketing campaigns.
  • Branding. Creates and reinforces brand awareness with existing customers and prospective customer mailing lists.
  • Affordability. Small business owners can afford direct mail marketing campaigns with targeted zip codes and areas that fall within their marketing budget.

Is Direct Mail Expensive?

Direct mail is surprisingly affordable, with costs depending upon the size of the area to be covered and the type of mail product you send. For example, if you plan to send out a four-page glossy brochure to tens of thousands of potential customers all over the country, you can expect to pay more than postcards for your local area. A smartly formulated targeted local mailing of a cost-effective, well-designed mailing can be affordable and fit most marketing budgets.

What Types of Direct Mail Marketing Can You Use?

  • Postcard – Makes an immediate visual statement as customers will see your messages without having to open an envelope.
  • Letter – For a more detailed and involved message with a personal touch.
  • Content Kits – If you want to make comprehensive and memorable approaches that exhibit your company to the best advantage. Your kit can contain a sample product, or a usable item imprinted with your company name.
  • Brochure – Display all aspects of your company and its leading products in a highly visual and attractive brochure potential customers can keep.
  • Christmas Cards – Keep your brand in your customers’ minds at one of the busiest shopping times of the year by sending some yuletide-themed advertising.
  • Business Cards, Bookmarks, Calendars – Consider mailing an item that customers will keep and use.

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing is a practical, simple, and profit-enhancing method of reaching out to customers and either introducing or reinforcing your company and brand messaging. So, the next time you plan an advertising campaign, contact Limelight Direct Mail Marketing. Our experts can help design and distribute effective mailers for all your direct mail in Greensboro NC. Call us today at 919-452-5418.