Limelight Direct Mail Marketing direct mail marketingAll of us have tossed mail without reading that did not intrigue us or grab our attention. However, as a marketer, you need to ensure this doesn’t happen when using direct mail marketing. Creating a piece that holds the user’s attention and invites them to open the mail is a top priority. Here are some reasons why your business should use scratch-off postcards as part of your direct mail marketing strategy.

Direct Mail Marketing

Interaction With Consumer

A scratch-off card intrigues the customer because they don’t know what is hidden unless they scratch and reveal it. This unknown information makes the customer curious. Therefore, they are more likely to read the mailer for details. That is why it is one of the best strategies for a direct mail marketing campaign.

You can offer special promotion codes, discounts, or other valuable content under the scratch-off card. These mailings are interactive, and they will set you apart from other marketers in the consumer’s mailbox.


If you want your scratch-off postcards to grab consumers’ attention quickly, customize them. Personalize the promotion or offer based on the receiving consumer. You can test which offer works best for the consumer by requiring an action. For example, have the customer go to a unique link or require them to register their name for the promotion. Testing will help you understand how to increase the effectiveness of your campaign next time. It will also give you insight into what consumers like the most. You can utilize the testing to increase the rates of users responding to your mail.

Add More Elements

The scratch-off part on the card is just one element of your direct mail marketing. You have the rest of the card to personalize and promote special offers or discounts. The primary aim should be to grab the customer’s attention and enhance your branding through the scratch-off card.

You can choose a card size depending on what you want to include and make the most of it. The best marketers employ every opportunity to enhance the branding and message of their business.

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing

These are three ways scratch-off postcards can grab the attention of the consumer. Include them in your next direct mail marketing campaign and see how effective they enhance your brand. Your mail will never go in the trash unread again. Limelight Direct Mail Marketing is your expert for creating the best mailings. Contact us at 919-452-5418 and see what we can do for you.