Digital marketing today is a trend. Everyone is using it, and many marketers are doing it aggressively. The main purpose of any marketing strategy is to generate sales and profit for the business being marketed. The digital age is here to stay, and the impact it has on marketing can’t be ignored. However, as effective as it might be, it has serious challenges that digital marketers never discuss.

Physical Marketing in the Digital World

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing physical marketingIn this digital era, most people think that physical marketing is ineffective. Print media adverts have cemented numerous iconic brands in our DNA. In any marketing strategy, the ad has to appeal to the masses. The ads also have to be targeted to help drive sales within specific demographics.

When it comes to print media, even in the digital era, the credibility of the medium is vital to the success of the marketing campaign. If the distribution channel has authority and itself can be trusted, this is a significant step towards the success of the campaign.

Physical media or physical ads are more effective and less saturated as compared to digital media. The digital world is oversaturated with untargeted advertisements that flash before our eyes at lightning speed yet don’t yield the expected results. Every time you stream, browse, watch, read, or get on the internet, you are ambushed with numerous ads. Because of this, consumers have now developed autonomous screening processes with the sole aim of ignoring advertisements.

Totally Different Than any Digital Marketing

Carolina Direct mail direct mailThe case is, however, different from physical media. The advertisements have a target audience, making them highly effective. Print media adverts are also more credible as compared to digital media ads. The trust level of digital ads is much lower when compared to how print media adverts are trusted.

The average internet consumer sees hundreds of digital ads daily. Ads are everywhere on the internet. This saturation makes digital media ineffective because unless an ad is so incredible that it stands out, few people are interested. With print media, on the other hand, the number of ads are regulated and targeted. The credibility with print media also gives ads on these platforms more credibility. People instead turn to print media where they aren’t bombarded with ads. There is an excellent combination of content and ads in print media, which does marketing through print media ads.

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