Limelight Direct Mail Marketing physical marketing With digital technology growing ever more vital to business operations, it has become a paradox by being both easier and more challenging to keep track of data and content analysis. It’s easier because programs and algorithms have become more readily available to assist with such efforts. However, those systems are heavily reliant on the input provided by the human operating the AI (artificial intelligence) content analysis.

AI Content Analysis for Business

Businesses want to keep an eye on response rates and similar data from marketing content. Before a company can get to that step, of course, it has to know what sort of response-based content they need or are looking for before utilizing an AI analysis program.

Whether physical marketing or digital, questions and other response generating material should engage the reader so that they want to know more. For such efforts to work, content analysis is a must. Not only can AI track responses from potential and even recurring customers, but it can also assist with ensuring quality content.

Where to Use AI Analysis

Some material needs to be input the old fashioned way. Determining the reading levels of the content is an excellent example of this. AI is convenient for reviewing such material for effectiveness and readership level, but a person still has to write it.

Once the targeted audience’s reading level is considered, the AI can review it for effectiveness and readability. Another benefit of such AI is the ability to ensure a consistent message when it comes to branding. Content analysis is excellent for reviewing word and phrase usage, which are vital for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) algorithms and creating a clear and consistent message about the company, its products or services, and its goals.

Creating New Content

Content analysis can do a lot to help a business draft, review, and track responses to marketing material. Knowing what has worked in the past helps with creating new content. The data compiled from such work is an invaluable source of information for any company. From a lone freelancer to a Fortune 500 company, content analysis is an essential tool in the digital age not to be ignored or underestimated.

By taking the data from such AI analysis, response rates can be measured, reviewed, and adjusted for better results in the future. AI can help with this throughout the entire process, but the people involved are vital as well. Together, they can provide better marketing to ensure more customers and continued success.

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing

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