Do non-profit organizations still rely on direct mail marketing? A non-profit organization, which is also known as a not-for-profit organization, is set up purposely for charity. And they do not profit from the activities and services they render. Where do they access funds to implement their charitable programs? Most funds are sourced from founding members of the organization and third parties/donors.

How Is Direct Mail Marketing a Perfect Solution for Non-Profit?

Direct mail is a very strategic means of engaging customers and prospects offline. It is an alternative and affordable way to get your name out there, in your community, especially in areas where people are very skeptical about supporting an organization.

With the rapid rise of social media and digital marketing, it seems the direct mailing system will not help connect with customers, new donors, and prospects. However, the truth remains that this form of marketing is the most effective long-term strategy for finding new donors and keeping them.

It allows your organization to secure a sustainable financial relationship with donors and raise your maximum net income. Every non-profit organization needs to carry out successful non-profit programs. Here are some other benefits of direct mail marketing.

Effective for Fundraising

Sending an email might seem like a very cheap way to raise donations, but when you consider; that the message could be marked as spam, blocked, or even ignored. You’ll be forced to appreciate other targetable methods like direct mail marketing.

A study shows that about 36 percent of people who donated the most online to a non-profit organization were recipients of their direct mail. That shows how effective direct mail marketing is at raising donations.

Strategic Marketing Tool

Isn’t it better to target people who already have an interest or even a track record of charitable donations? Absolutely. It saves you time, money and eliminates the guesswork. Direct mail marketing is targeted and focused on helping your organization increase the number of donors.

Personalized Form of Marketing

As prevalent as the use of the internet is, we still cannot conclude that everyone knows how to maximize it. Online payments and contributions are a system that is still gaining ground among the older generations and even segments of the younger ones.

How does your non-profit organization intend to receive donations from a non-internet savvy person, if not through direct mail marketing? In this 21st century, Non-profit Marketing still depends on direct mailing to raise funds effectively. And that’s a proven fact.

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing

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