Direct Mail Campaign WHY Physical Marketing Works

These days, it’s a common misconception for people to think that direct mail must be dead. It’s an understandable one too, technology is interwoven into every part of our lives. Direct mailers have become something of an urban legend for a number of marketers and business owners. However, direct mail is not dead at all. On the contrary, it is very much alive. As a matter of fact, recent studies and statistic still find it to be superior on average when compared to other marketing channels, even those online. That may be hard to believe, but people really still do appreciate individualized effort and having something tangible to look at. So, why does physical marketing and direct mail work so well? Let’s dive into that and try to find out.

The Reality Factor

This has to be the greatest contributor to the sustained success of direct mailers. Direct mail has a strong perceived value. The best marketing emails only possess a small part of what even the most obvious junk possesses. And the prevailing thought when you get one of these is – it would have been so easy for you to email the same exact thing to thousands of people, so this isn’t special at all. It is the reality factor that makes all the difference. There is just something reassuring about holding an item in your hand. With direct mail, you send it, receive it, open it, save it and then throw it away. It is tangible with weight, substance/information and dimension. Most of all, it is constant. Humans are always appreciative of a chance to handle a tangible object. It is part of the human experience, looking at something on a screen is NOT part of that experience. The emotional satisfaction from direct mailers and mail can’t be matched. It leaves a mental impression that makes it easy for people to remember. Direct mail makes them feel more valued and appreciated. It creates a more authentic relationship. These businesses are actually spending money specifically to advertise directly to you, it could cost someone less than a single penny to send you a bulk email with some offer or information that as relevant as it may be, and you probably won’t want to look at.

The Direct Response

Replying to a direct mail campaign The response rate for direct mail may have declined marginally over recent years, but it is definitely far higher compared to that of email marketing. A report by the Direct Marketing Association stated that the response to direct mail was 10 to 30 times higher than that of digital. Think about that for a second, that is a truly massive increase in response. Unsolicited marketing emails that clutter inboxes overwhelm consumers to a point where they actually become more receptive to the much less-cluttered channel of direct mail. Direct mailers like Carolina direct mail can help any business utilize the benefits of physical marketing. I don’t know about you, but I delete marketing emails as soon as they hit my inbox.

More Desire To Purchase

It has been proven that individuals who are exposed to physical ads show increased excitement towards the item being advertised. They have greater subjective valuation and desirability for such items. Are you looking to increase the desirability of your products? Don’t just concentrate on digital marketing. Take a chance on direct mailers, and witness the great impact on your business.

The Appeal to Millennials WHY Physical Marketing Works 3

The online-presence of the millennial generation should not fool you into believing that physical marketing does not work at all with them. Surprising as it may be, it is wrong to assume that people who have practically been raised with iPhones and tablets in their hands are not interested in anything as old as postal mail. On the contrary, millenials do enjoy direct mail more than some other groups. They look forward to checking out their mailboxes and receiving personal cards and letters. Since the generation didn’t grow up on that, it’s something that we’ve learned to value. One important thing to consider about millenials is that for them, it is the thought that counts. With direct mail, you have a real shot at getting your message across. It’s at least worth a try!

Direct mailers offer many opportunities for savvy marketers and business owners alike. Even in this digital world, physical marketing still works and not just totally plain simple work. It has tremendous results for almost any type of business.

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