Reasons Why Businesses Should Have Embraced Multi-Channel Marketing By Now

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing direct mail Consumers have many preferences when it comes to where they like to buy their products with some preferring to look at products in retail stores prior to making a purchase. Other consumers will look through different products on apps and make their decisions from there. Others will look at an advertisement and make the choice to buy the product while some consumers will decide to buy products at exhibitions. An average adult will access the internet using four and a half devices. Businesses that are communicating constantly with customers need to consider this essential aspect of the user experience and tailor their marketing strategies to fit the same. Multi-marketing channels can boost your brand when they are done right.

Multi-channel marketing defines the use of multiple channels by brands to reach customers and it is also referred to as cross-channel marketing. It can be a good tool for businesses in that it makes it easier for a business’ customers to get what they want regardless of the medium they spend most of their time on. Today’s world has most companies competing for people’s attention, which is why it is important for any business to have a presence on as many channels as it can.


When you use multiple channels such as physical marketing and direct mail marketing in a way that they support and complement each other, you will find that individual campaigns generate very good results. If, for example, you do not get a response to a push notification in good time, you can use another channel to help strengthen the message in a way that does not annoy the customer. Working in unison can lead to great results.


Why You Need Multiple Marketing Channels 2 The brain is automatically wired to tell the difference between information you need to immediately discard and information you need to notice. If we did not have this ability, we would not be able function due to being overwhelmed with the amount of information coming at us at any given time. Thus, businesses need to advertise repeatedly in order to capture the attention of any current and prospective clients. it is more effective to repeat one message using multiple marketing channels than through a single marketing channel.

The Marketing Medium

Some messages are better received through specific channels. SMS text messages, for example, are best suited for short messages that are more urgent while emails are more appropriate for longer messages and messages with an essential visual design aspect. Social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook are ideal for messages or social communications that stand out and grab people’s attention.

The Preference of Marketing Channel

People will respond differently to communications on different channels. Some people prefer and are more receptive to direct mail marketing, others like physical marketing channels, while others are more receptive to the digital route of marketing. It is important for each business to determine what its client base prefers be it phone calls, text messages, email, mobile push notifications, or social media. Businesses can uplift their marketing campaigns and boost response rates in this powerful way.

It’s important to keep in mind that everyone is flooded with digital advertising these days so it’s harder to stand out, direct mail offers you a physical route to connect with potential customers and the numbers show that they do pay more attention to it. If you need help or advice with your marketing, contact Limelight now.