We are in the digital age. Everything seems to be dealt with online. For this reason, one would ask, why consider the mailbox over the Inbox? The digital age has also brought along inconveniences as well as conveniences. No one talks about these challenges in the digital world.

The Value of Mail

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing bulk mail mailbox A few years back, advertisements were the result of months of creative work and meticulous research. There were ingenious ads from different companies such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Kodak, and other brands. These ads were creative and engaging enough; they cemented these brands into our DNA. During this time, ads were smart and creative enough to appeal to the audience and targeted to drive sales as well. The success of each campaign during this time was highly dependent on the medium. Advertisements had credibility back then, and this inspired people to trust ads, hence the brands on these ads. The distribution channel for the ad provided unique authority that was well worth the price.

Present-Day Ads

The digital age is here, and while almost everyone seems convinced it’s much better, the advertising landscape has been dramatically affected. Today, advertisements have become a nuisance. They flash before our eyes every second on the internet. Every time we search, read, watch, swipe, click or scroll, we are blasted with ads. Even on social media, where an average person spends almost two hours a day, advertisements are floating everywhere.

All this and much more from the digital landscape has brought trust and credibility issues to different brands. Today, most mediums are affected by saturation and quality issues. Low-quality content saturates most advertising channels, making them lose their credibility and authority. The advertiser, in this case, is cornered as these agencies rely on the authority and credibility of the channel.

More Than JUST a Piece of Mail

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing direct mail Greensboro There are many other reasons why advertisers and big agencies have gone back to the mail over the Inbox. According to a study done in Canada, direct mail needs 21% less cognitive effort to read and understand as compared to digital media, and it’s also more memorable. Consumers who received bulk mail recalled the brand 75% of the time as compared to the digital-only versions where the brand got remembered 44% of the time.

This result shows the effectiveness of bulk mail as compared to digital media. Today, people are battered with advertisements. In turn, we have conditioned our minds to ignore them, mitigating their impact. Mailbox, on the other hand, is more effective, has credibility and authority making it an excellent advertisement option.

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