Limelight Direct Mail Marketing Charlotte direct mail In 2022 so many things will be done digitally – researching information, staying in contact with family, and even starting up a new business. However, 25% of consumers still prefer to be contacted by physical mail. Therefore, direct mail is an essential aspect of client outreach and adds an extra level of personability that resonates more strongly with clients than generic emails.

Charlotte Direct Mail: How Can Direct Mail be Used Efficiently?

Above all, direct mail is perfect for following up after a sale and turning a one-time customer into a repeating one. Creating a great relationship with customers is the goal of every business owner and ensures repeat purchases and income.

Make It Personal

It is possible to use a font style similar to that of handwriting. This is a perfect way to thank customers for their purchases or even send a birthday greeting. These personal touches are what will keep clients loyal to a business.


It is easy for digitally inclined customers to unsubscribe from a business mailing list or flag it as junk. Digital mail is quick, but it is not always efficient. Direct mail can reintroduce customers to a brand or business and requires physical attention. Moving the piece from the letterbox to the bin involves more visibility than an email.

Use Digital & Physical

Alternating between direct and digital mail is a great way to stay current and relevant to consumers and encourage a follow-up purchase. For example, provide a unique discount code or a personalized offer after an initial purchase encouraging them to shop again.

Is Direct Mail Worth It?

In short, when used in conjunction with digital mail, direct mailing is an excellent way of turning a one-time customer into a repeating one. It allows for a closer and more personable relationship that huge companies like Amazon cannot offer. It sets businesses apart from the rest and shows a higher level of attention to detail and care.

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing

In Charlotte, direct mail can take some effort to arrange initially. Luckily, companies like Limelight Direct Mail Marketing offer personalized postcards that can be edited and customized with a targeted mailing list. Then, they’ll deliver the final product to the post office and allow business owners to sit back and wait for more clients to roll in. For more information about direct mailing and how it can help your business, call 919-452-5418 today.