A well-executed EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) campaign allows a business to maximize its reach and effectively get the marketing message across to potential customers. While the results are fruitful, the process is often tedious and time-consuming – especially when it involves handling the paperwork and bundling. With this in mind, below are a couple of time-saving direct mail tips:

Become Familiarized with USPS Regulations

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing bulk mail The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has several specifications regarding the dimensions, thickness, shape, and weight of all direct mail pieces. Failure to adhere to these regulations renders the EDDM mail invalid for postage. By understanding all the requirements of the USPS, marketers can save precious time and hard-earned money. For more on the specific regulations, kindly refer to the official USPS site.

Make Use of Templates

A lot goes into designing a direct mail advertisement, including size requirements, placement of the address panel, and even the imagery. Rather than deal with the grueling task of creating a direct mail advertisement from scratch every time, businesses can make use of templates that are flexible, time-saving, and cost-efficient.

Tricks to Handle Bundles of Bulk Mail

When it comes to bulk mail, it’s essential to learn how to bundle the pieces. Although the USPS stipulates that a bundle should contain 50 to 100 mail pieces, this does not necessarily mean counting the pieces one after another. To minimize the time it takes to bundle bulk mail, consider weighing with a scale or measuring the height of the bundles. Start by ensuring one bundle meets the USPS size requirements then stack the other bundles, so they match the first bundle.

Pre-Fill Facing Slips

Direct Mail Campaign The USPS uses information provided in the facing slips to sort, process, and deliver bulk mail directly to the target audience. Instead of printing and filling out a new facing slip every time, it’s easier to fill out the constant information and make copies to use on all bundles. Ensure to differentiate between the EDDM Business Mail Entry Unit and EDDM Retail facing slip.

Use a Bulk Mail Delivery Service

Fast delivery is fantastic – but only if it’s right. While the tips above may save precious time, the best time-saving option is seeking the services of a full-service direct mail company. Limelight Direct mail, a North Carolina-based company, leverages over a decade of experience and uses thorough quality control checks to ensure bulk mail is delivered fast and accurately.

As a bonus, Limelight Direct Mail Marketing personally drops bulk mail at the local USPS Distribution Center – allowing for faster delivery (up to 7 days faster). Devote your time to promoting the growth of your business by leaving the coordination of your direct mail campaign to experts with a track record.  Call 919-452-5418 for more information.