Limelight Direct Mail Marketing direct mail marketing Whenever you’re designing a new set of marketing materials, no matter the audience or the delivery method, your Call-To-Action (CTA) will always be an essential part. A good CTA is the part of the marketing material that is likely to inspire someone to buy your products or services. For example, if you own a security camera installation company, you don’t just want to list the benefits of security cameras. Instead, you want to include a statement that encourages people to buy a security camera today and that it should be from your company.

Crafting a good CTA can be tricky. The CTA is more than just why a person should buy your product or service. The statement gives them a reason to pick up the phone and call today. Here are a few tips on making your marketing materials more effective and converting more sales.

Direct Mail Marketing: CTA Statements

Take Action Now

One of the best motivators is fear, especially when it comes to sales. Just like how limited-time offers, expiration dates on coupons, and holiday sales, the fear of missing out on a deal can encourage customers to take immediate action. Using statements such as “Act Fast, supplies are limited” or “Offer available to the first 100 customers” lets people know that your product or service is scarce and that only quick action will ensure they can get it.

Give Clear Instructions

When making a strong CTA, you want to clearly outline how your customers can cash in on the deal you’re offering. Here, it is best to be specific and concise with your instructions. Some examples of clear instructions to use are:

“Order 1 Large Pizza for pick up and get a FREE order of 12 wings when you call today.”
“Call 1-800-555-5555 to receive your FREE informational packet on Bahama Cruises.”
“Visit our offices at [business address] to meet with a technician.”

Create Value

It should be clear in your CTA what the offer’s value is. The customer should understand the result or benefit of buying the product or service you are marketing. Illustrating the value can be done by describing the benefit and making it as tangible as possible so the customer can visualize the value they will receive. Here are some examples:

“Learn how we save customers an average of $178/month on their Health Insurance.”
“Give your car a mirror-like shine when using Carl’s Car Wax.”
“Earn a Free Hotel Night when you book your next vacation with”

Improve Marketing Materials Today

Creating marketing materials is just as much an art as science. While perfecting your CTA may take some trial and error, the only way to improve is to get started. Over time, you can track which CTA’s bring in the most customers or which CTA’s work best for certain times of the year.

Your business can use CTAs in other business messages besides marketing. For example, using a strong CTA in emails and phone calls is an excellent method to strengthen your message and get quick responses. When crafting a CTA, remember the basics and don’t overcomplicate it. They should be simple enough for everyone to understand them.

Limelight Direct Mail Marketing

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