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Limelight Direct mail Marketing direct mail raleighDirect mail marketing is an advertising method that involves using the mail service to deliver printed marketing material directly to your target audience.  It works perfectly for small businesses, companies in a new niche, and businesses looking to engage customers and gauge interest.  Here is how to maximize your direct mail marketing campaign.

Develop a Thorough Mailing List

Use a variety of methods to craft a great mailing list.  One method to build up a mailing list is to find a list broker and purchase a mailing list that has a similar interest in what you are crafting.  Also, create a sign-up list on your website.  You want to have a way for those that want to be part of your mailing list to sign up.

Generate a Short, Regular Newsletter

Half the job of engaging potential customers is keeping them up-to-date on both your product and business.  Mailing out a newsletter every other month helps to do just that.  Make sure to keep your newsletter short, one page is best.  This length makes it a quick read.

Track Responses

It is important to create a way to track responses.  Place a unique code on each mailing piece that allows you to monitor the recipient’s use of your offer or campaign.  With tracking, you will be able to fine tune your future campaigns.

Offer Referral Bonuses

If you want your direct mailing campaign to grow, offer your subscribers a referral bonus.  One example of such gift is to provide a percentage off the next purchase a customer makes if they have successful referrals.  Not only does this get you more subscribers but it is also likely to get you more sales.  People like to spend money when a discount is involved.

Keep Affordability In Mind

Maintaining the cost of producing and mailing your materials is important.  You don’t want to use all the money you have available for just creating the brochure or postcard.  Track how much you are spending so that you can amend expenses if necessary.  You can also save money by testing your campaign before sending out all of the material and even before printing all of it.  That will help you to catch errors before you produce and mail large quantities.

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Limelight Carolina Direct Mail mailing listFor a continuously successful business to grow, a mailing list needs to be developed. Mailing lists give companies the chance to update customers and potential customers on the latest products or deals that are being offered. It’s a smart professional tool to bring others to the business and create attention. The question is how to develop a strong mailing list that can be used in future expansion and advertisement.

To start with, collect all contact information that is already in hand, especially existing clients.  Having met them before, it is easy to collect their email and send messages to them as a way of saying, “remember me?”   Get friends and family relatives’ emails to add to the list and encourage them to recommend the business to others. Besides emails and phone numbers, look at social media to add more people. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can supply people to add to the mailing list. Promoting the business in a simple paragraph can lure others into “following” or “add to friends.” They are fast, accessible, and simple; social media is a must for businesses if they want to expand.

When sending emails out, offer a sign-up sheet for future emails and promotions. Having customers add their information is an excellent way to collect names and emails while also promoting the business in an attractive manner. In the mail, the company can add a link to the sign-up page or even have it set up to forward the link to others. Besides the online portion, also establish an email list through one-on-one conversations.  Add any collected business cards. It should be clear that adding a person to the company list isn’t spam – it’s easy for an email to fall into that category.

So, how should businesses attract the right kind of interested people to become subscribers? Email marketing is as standard as radio and TV advertising, as technology has expanded to allow all forms from the Internet. It is all about finding the right way of getting it out there. The mailing list is one effective way of collecting customer info, contacting them through the mail or online, and promoting the service or product in an impressionable fashion.

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Limelight Direct Mail Marketing direct mail RaleighSetting up a direct mail campaign seems to be one heck of a job. There are several procedures involved in orchestrating an entire direct mail campaign which makes it troublesome even for many technicians. For direct mail in Raleigh, the whole process will run smoothly with the proper preparation.

Sales Copy.  The client needs to draft the sales copy and the copy design.  Copy should be written, edited, and the layout determined before going to schedule the mailing.

Mailing List.  Mailing lists are prepared to target your potential customers.  Demographic filters are used to narrow down a general mailing list to focus on the people you are trying to reach.  Age, income, gender, location and if there are children in the home are just some of the filters to use to get to the right customer.  Choose the number of clients you wish to reach to keep prices under control.

Printing.  Use good quality printers. Approve the color proof before the order goes to print.  Confirm the completion date of the printing. If the printer is also addressing the pieces,  verify they have the mailing list and know the mail date.

Assembly.  Give instructions to the group or company who will assemble the promotional pieces.  Supply the mailing labels or provide direction on which font to use for printing.  Give instructions on the mail piece preparations:  folding, stapling, stuffing envelopes, placement of mailing label, etc.

Postage.  To the people who will handle the mailing of the pieces, verify the class of mail to be used, and the posting date based on when you want the pieces delivered to target customers.  Time sensitive materials need extra attention.  There is no use having coupons arrive after the expiration date.

Bulk mailing campaigns takes some planning but is a very efficient and inexpensive way to advertise in a community of potential customers.  Small and large businesses alike can successfully increase business with bulk mailing.

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Carolina Direct Mail bulk mailFor businesses who want to increase the power of their marketing plan, bulk mail is an excellent way of doing so. By targeting key geographical areas, bringing old customers back into the fold, and enticing in new customers with promotions and special offers, businesses can generate valuable leads that allow them to grow and expand successfully. Bulk mail is a fast, cost effective marketing method, and should, therefore, be seriously considered by all businesses.

One of the biggest advantages of bulk mail is that it saves your company money. Instead of paying full price for each piece of mail sent out, you are instead able to take advantage of bulk rates that make this method more cost effective. Any savings that you can make on your marketing budget while still having the same impact will naturally increase your return on investment. A mailing service allows you to access these bulk prices, and save a significant amount of time and money that can then concentrate on expanding your business in other ways.

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Bulk mail also allows you to target both new and existing customers. Whatever industry your business, bulk mail is almost sure to help you drum up some new business. Any business is only as strong as its customer base, and bulk mail is an excellent way of building up that base. Bulk mail reminds existing clients that you have something valuable to offer them and informs new ones that you provide a service that competitors can’t hope to match.

Carrying out a bulk mail campaign can be tricky, but with the right knowledge, it can help take your marketing efforts to the next level. Carolina Direct Mail are experts in bulk mail marketing and will help you build a valuable mailing list of new and existing customers. You will be able to create enticing offers that are sure to generate leads.  This service means that you can carry on with the important task of running your business, and you also don’t have to wait to apply for a bulk mail permit.

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carolina-direct-mail-mailboxThis article is not geared towards companies that already have effective direct mail businesses because they do not need the advice. A lot of people still enter into this type of marketing on a daily basis because it is a fun concept and it is very profitable. There are magnitudes more people choosing the internet because everything is so much easier. Even old-timers in DM have migrated to the web, but they still retain their direct marketing business operations. All they’re really doing is expanding and taking advantage of what the net offers. So, if you see something about direct mail marketing that you like, then don’t just sit back, utilize it for your business.

It’s about MORE than conversions

You, of course, want to get a high conversion rate on all the direct mail you send out. But your impressions (viewings) are also important and should not be ignored. While you may NOT “convert” a sale or generate a phone call to your business on the spot, having your name in front of a possible client may very WELL lead to a call next month. If not then, maybe the following month. Having your company name in front of a client and in their mind is NEVER a bad thing.

That said, in this case, impressions mean the number of people who see your offer and don’t act on it. Exposure to your offer matters for brand awareness and contributing to warming up the prospect. This is why you want to send the same offer multiple times to the same people. It takes at least a few tries for most people to convert, whether that means buying or something else. Direct mailings should not be a one-time shot and then moving on to another list or offer. You might find that it is too difficult to find the right mailing lists. You will learn that finding good companies like that are willing to help you find these lists will not be a problem. Or, browse the SRDS to get the targeted audience that you want. Not only is this service great for what you need, but it has been providing great services for decades before the internet was available. There are certain things that you want to consider when it comes to your list. For example, think about the age of your list and if you can rely on a much older list. But, ensure that it is a list that works well with your business.

Find a knowledgeable local direct mail provider

Many companies focus on specific towns and cities. The great thing about that kind of locally focused company is the knowledge that they bring to the table and experience directly in that market area. There are companies focusing on Raleigh NC, Charlotte NC and others in our home state of North Carolina. There are many great local companies that can work with companies interested in getting the most effective coverage in any market.

Direct mail campaigns can help you to make it overnight. But what people don’t know is they put a lot of work into it before being an overnight success. The first thing you need to realize is that your campaigns need to be optimized when doing direct mail. If you can get more than 1% on your conversion rates, that’s high! But this will only occur when you test a competent manner. Using multiple mail outs is necessary because most people have to see your offer five or more times before they buy. Overcoming resistance, and developing your brand, is what you will achieve.

Don’t believe everything you hear

You can get a lot of wrong impressions, and make bad decisions and conclusions, looking at direct mail from an outside perspective. Too many people rush in with little to no knowledge, try to do it themselves, and then when that fails miserably, blame the direct mail model. This is not about approaching unsuspecting victims, sending them mail that they do not want or need. There are different goals you can reach, all of which serve a unique purpose in any business. Copywriters are often criticized for writing direct mail pieces, which is actually funny if you think about it. Every copywriter on the net uses these principles and techniques, regardless of the business model. Educating yourself before plunging into this historically successful marketing method is what you must do before you invest your time and money.