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Meet the ownersDear Business Owners and Marketing Professionals,

Welcome to LimeLight, the hands-down best choice for Charlotte direct mail marketing services. You can stop searching Google now, because I promise that if you choose LimeLight, our postcard advertising campaigns will bring you more customers than any other bulk mailing company is capable of. Not all marketing companies are made the same.

How can I say that?

As a local family-owned company, we understand that long-term success is more important than short-term profits. That’s why we offer the highest quality postcard printing, the most selective targeted mailing lists, and the most accurate address printing services in the Queen City area. We also offer EDDM postcard marketing and direct mail advertising with brochures and flyers. Whether you want to get in front of super specific demographics or get in front of every single person in your direct area, we can do it all.

I founded LimeLight in Raleigh back in 2007, and and have recently opened my services all the way down to Charlotte, Concord, Gastonia, Kannapolis and beyond, all through southern NC and northern SC. As a small business owner myself, I believe that my success is only as good as yours. That is why after over a decade in business, I still continue to work personally with every single client… so you get the attention you need, and the results you deserve.

Adam Tartaglia
Owner & Founder
LimeLight Marketing, Inc.
(919) 452-5418

Charlotte NC Marketing & Mailing Services

Postcards & Brochures

Everything we print is full color on BOTH sides, using premium glossy stock. It’s important that even the paper you use be able to stand up to the stresses of shipping and look good when it gets to people. Choose postcards from LimeLight for maximum impact and cost-efficiency. Brochures are a great alternative to traditional envelope mailings. Most people are so used to envelopes being junk mail if they see one that they know isn’t a bill or something important they’ll just toss it.

Address Printing & Barcoding

We use industry-leading software to fuel our high-speed address printing technology. Finding the perfect middle ground between speed and efficiency has been one of our main goals, and we feel as though we’ve been able to accomplish that. Our barcoding & sorting process ensures that you get every possible postage discount. We aren’t just here to get your mail out, we’re here to work with you and make your campaign as successful as it can be.

Bulk Mail Delivery

Unlike national mail companies, we drive directly to YOUR local USPS Distribution Center. This takes out a certain amount of risk and unknown from the process. This allows the Post Office to deliver everything up to 7 days faster, and makes it easier to predict the “in-home date.” This is important, as great as the postal system is it has its errors and mistakes can and do happen often. We follow your campaign from start to final delivery.

Targeted Mailing Lists

Choose the EXACT type of customers you want to mail to. Demographic filters include: location, age, gender, income, home value, children, and much more. It’s so important that you’re aware of your target demographics and going after them. One good example is a nail salon. You’re going to want to advertise more to younger women than you are to old men, they’re going to be more worthwhile for you. You’ll get far better return on your investment.

Turnkey Mailing Service

Over 90% of our clients choose our all-inclusive option. LimeLight Direct Mail Marketing will handle your entire mailing from start to finish, and you pay just one low price. It’s fast, easy, and saves you the most money. You can be assured everything will go smoothly through the entire bulk mailing process. It’s easier for all parties involved to keep the project in one place, it keeps the risk of losing things or information much lower.

All with our Lowest Price Guarantee.

Not in the Charlotte NC area? Limelight Direct Mail Marketing covers the North Carolina Piedmont and beyond. Learn about our other targeted NC direct mailing areas! Do you live closer to the Fayetteville, NC area?

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