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Meet the ownersDear Greenville Marketing Pro’s & Business Owners

Welcome to LimeLight. If you want Greenville direct mail marketing services, you want us. You don’t have to endlessly Google any longer because I promise that if you choose LimeLight, our postcard advertising campaigns will bring you better results than any other bulk mailing campaign or company in your area ever has or would. We consider ourselves among the best marketers in the state.

How can I say that?

As a local family-owned company, we understand that long-term business success is so much more important than any short-lived gains. That’s why we offer the highest quality postcard printing, the most selective targeted mailing lists, and the most accurate address printing services in the Greenville South Carolina area. Physical marketing is very sensitive to errors or mistakes, to have a truly efficient campaign it needs to be 100% error free. We also offer EDDM postcard marketing and direct mail advertising with brochures and flyers. If you think your business appeals to most or all people – or you’re just trying to really get your name out there in the Greenville area this is the way to go. If you need help marketing in and around western South Carolina, we’re here for you.

Greenville’s Trusted Physical Advertisers

I founded LimeLight in the Raleigh NC area back in 2007 and now work with over 100 companies throughout the Western SC area including Greenville SC, Easley, Powdersville, Mauldin SC and Anderson SC. As a small business owner, I am firm in knowing that my success is only as good as yours. We’re not here to make money off of you, we’re here for lasting results and – most importantly – loyal returning customers. That is why after over a decade in business, I still continue to work with every single client on a personal basis. … I want each of my clients to get the attention they need, and the results they deserve.

Adam Tartaglia
Owner & Founder
LimeLight Marketing, Inc.
(919) 452-5418

Greenville SC Direct Marketing & Direct Mailing Services

Postcard Marketing

Everything we print is full color on BOTH sides, using premium glossy stock. It may seem insignificant but the quality of your stock is important, you need something that’s going to stand the test of time and the rigor of the shipping process. Send postcards with LimeLight for maximum impact and cost-efficiency in your direct mail campaign. Envelopes have been around for such a long time, they’ve been used about as much as they can. 99.9% of the time envelopes hold nothing but disappointment. Postcards, on the other hand, are newer and more engaging to a lot of people, just a simple piece of paper with the information you need on it. The key thing with mail marketing is standing out so people actually take the time to read what you’re offering. Make yourself worth noticing, be who people think of when anything involving your business comes to mind.

Address Printing & Barcoding

We use industry-leading software to fuel our high-speed address printing technology. With the huge numbers of addresses we print out, we know how to get them out fast but correctly. Our barcoding & sorting process ensures that you get every possible postage discount too, any money saved is worth it. It takes a lot of practice to get the right balance right with all of this stuff, being in the business for years, we know what it takes. You may think direct mailing sounds simple, you just mail things out right? It just takes so much planning and putting small things in place for it to all go right, it truly takes a team to get any campaign going strong.

Bulk Direct Mail Delivery

Unlike national mail companies, we drive directly to YOUR local USPS Distribution Center. This allows the Post Office to deliver everything up to 7 days faster and makes it easier to predict the “in-home date” accurately. The mail system is amazing of course, but it has its downfalls and a lot of things do come down to human error. This just allows us to give the mail a little bit of a head start and reduce the time it takes for the USPS to get it shipped to the distribution center.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Every door direct mail is one of the greatest physical marketing tools available. They’re great for announcing sales, the openings of new businesses, and so much more. One of the best uses for it is sending out menus to all of the Greenville homes around your new restaurant to get your name and identity out there. You can target people based on zip code, neighborhoods, and believe it or not you can target based on census data like age, income, and size of the household, that’s what’s so great about EDDM. Contact us to talk specifics and get more details.

Targeted Mailing Lists

You may not even know this, but you can choose the EXACT type of customers you want to mail to. Some potential demographic filters include location, age, gender, income, home value, children, and much more. Before you do any marketing, you need to be able to identify your target demographics. For some businesses, this is going to be broad enough to encompass almost everyone, but for others, it’s going to be mostly very specific demographics that you’ll want to target. Target markets are nothing more than maximizing your return. We are very familiar with the areas we service, we’ve lived in the Carolinas for our entire lives and we truly love the area.

Turnkey Mailing Services

Over 90% of our clients choose our all-inclusive option. It covers you on all of the major bases you need, it’s the way to go. LimeLight Direct Mail Marketing will handle your entire mail campaign from start to finish, you just make one low payment. It’s the best way to save your own time and money. You can be assured everything will go smoothly through the entire bulk mailing process. Since we’re handling every single step of the process, it makes it easier for us and takes out any chance of things getting lost in translation or being confused.

All with our Lowest Price Guarantee.

Not in the Greenville SC area? Limelight Direct Mail Marketing covers South Carolina and beyond. Learn about our other targeted SC direct mailing areas! Are you closer to the Myrtle Beach, SC area? Check out our page!

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