What’s Most Impactful for you – Reach of Frequency

Carolina Direct Mail direct mail campaign Over the years, there has been a massive shift in the manner in which advertising reaches a target audience. Today, a lot of advertising happens over social media or online, but one old school marketing strategy that still has a positive impact is the direct mail campaign.
Direct mail campaigns involve sending advertising materials through the mail. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that direct mail is a form of advertising that is generally not requested by the recipient. Direct mail can be sent in a wide variety of formats and typically includes a lucrative offer for the recipient.

Have a Carefully Crafted Marketing Plan

Organizations and businesses, especially small and medium enterprises, are today using direct mail campaigns successfully. Grocery stores, restaurants, auto repair shops – companies are sending coupons, menus, and various other promotional material. They want to get their business out there in front of customers. Direct mail campaigns allow contact with prospects for as long as it takes to convert these prospects into customers. However, businesses today often have to choose between maximizing the number of potential customers on their mailing list or sending out multiple, more frequent campaigns to a targeted audience.
There is also confusion about whether a business should launch a significant campaign once or conduct smaller, more frequent campaigns.  The frequency and reach of a direct mail campaign will determine the success rate of the overall marketing strategy.

Planning and Testing Now Means More Savings Down the Road

Since most businesses don’t have endless amounts of money to spend on advertising, the strategy should be to use that money most effectively. Most business experts recommend that a company decrease the reach and target only people who have a high potential of being converted into customers. When the scope is decreased, the frequency can increase. Reach without frequency often proves to be a waste of money as it is unlikely to see much success from a one-time direct mail campaign.
Many direct mailers tend to give up if they find that their first campaign did not produce the desired results. The fact is that marketing is a long-drawn-out process, and a business needs to give this process sufficient time to work effectively and deliver results.
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