Is Direct Mail Viable Today? Does Direct Mailing Still Work? 1

Direct mail continues to be used as an effective tool for marketers, even in this current tech-ridden world. There has been talk of direct mail being replaced by email and digital ads over the last few years but this is far from the case. Direct mail may even provide better results in comparison to alternative marketing channels.  You can look up the numbers for yourself, people just really prefer having something they can hold on to rather than seeing things on a screen all day long.  Direct mail has been shown to have a response rate of up to 10-30 times higher than that of email. This response becomes even higher in comparison to online display.

Straight To The Point

Experts believe that direct mailing in Raleigh might actually offer a better way for people to cut through all the advertising clutter. Most consumers find themselves overwhelmed by unsolicited marketing emails in their inboxes, and such customers are thus more receptive to direct mail. This is because they gain access to direct mail Raleigh without having to go through too much clutter. People also recognize it takes more sacrifice to put out a direct mail campaign than to send a few emails, and they do truly appreciate that fact.

The world today sees so much being done through screens; be it direct messaging, texting, or even online shopping. People find it easier to ignore all these cyber messages given the daily onslaughts they face. Packages and mail, on the other hand, are something you can hold in your hands as they have substance and weight. There is an emotional aspect involved in touching and feeling an object. More people found that this effect had a more lasting mental impression which made it easier for them to remember later on. Most consumers found that postcard marketing generates a more authentic relationship by making them feel more valued.

Direct mailing has also been shown to lead to action. Most people tend to find themselves forgetting the contents of an email they might have just opened moments ago. A study conducted showed that participants who interacted with physical ads via direct mail showed a more positive response towards the items being promoted. All of this is likely common sense to the majority of us.

Does Direct Mailing Still Work? 3 A majority of people still like receiving direct mail in the Raleigh area. Today’s world revolves around social media, texts, and email. A significant percentage of consumers still look forward to checking their mailboxes daily. And yes, we mean real mailboxed. A lot of us absolutely dread checking our email mailboxes though we do it constantly thought the day. You may also assume that since millennials have been practically weaned on all things digital, they do not appreciate direct mail but this is far from it. Almost 95% of people aged 18-29 years old indicate a positive response when receiving letters and postcards. This generation has largely missed out on paper advertising and can value it after how much online advertising they’ve seen in their lives.

Direct mail is also viable because it helps to establish brand awareness for any business. As much as digital advertising and social media are very powerful and effective in brand building, you should not put direct mail and other traditional marketing methods in hindsight either. Less direct mail is going out today than before, but almost 80% of consumers will open all their postal mail, junk mail included so you can be sure your message will have less competition and reach the right audience.

Carolina Direct Mail is a low-tech option for consumers who are yet to fully embrace technology. A significant number of adults over 65 years of age still do not use the internet and this segment can be appropriately targeted thanks to direct mail. Direct mail enables businesses to keep their offers open to all audiences and not just the majority fitting the online strategy alone.

Direct mail in Raleigh can be a pleasant surprise for prospects in trying to connect with them and this can provide you with better engagement.

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