Limelight Direct Mail Marketing postcard A postcard has a tough job to accomplish in direct mail marketing. As compared to a long and detailed illustrated letter, the postcard has only two limited sides to convey its message. A letter can present a whole package with various elements promoting an offer, whereas the minimalistic approach in a postcard can lose the closeness, expression, and detail of a letter.

But we can still employ a few tips for designing a postcard for an effective direct mail campaign.

  1. Begin with clean and objective data: Ideally, the communication should start with a solid database that is objective and can be measured. It will be difficult to evaluate the return on investment without a clean database which tracks the demographics as well as spending or purchasing. One should also strive to remove the gaps between the multiple channels and the items. It is observed that to get the best return on investment from a postcard direct-mail campaign; reliable metrics should be employed across the board. Having strong metrics in place will make it possible to attribute the resultant traffic and also the lead generation to the source postcard. It is important to observe the activities in the other channels of marketing. It might be at times difficult to attribute the bump in sales to a particular postcard if other avenues like the television, radio, print are also simultaneously active. The marketers wanting to use postcards for sales promotions should be aware of its potential return on investment as well as how quantifiable are the results of what is being attempted.
  2. Customize as much as possible: Each postcard should be customized and personalized according to the recipient. By using variable-data printing, the costs can be kept in check, and it is possible to personalize and hence hope to achieve a better return on investment as compared to sending out a regular standard postcard to everyone. The slight rise in costs can easily be offset by a more favorable response with personalization. The postcard format makes it easy to create multiple different versions of the direct mail campaign, which could target different age groups, income groups, family status, gender, etc. A one-size-fits-all campaign is not as effective.  Sending out personalized postcards in direct mail can elicit a much more favorable response.
  3. Both sides of the postcard should be synchronous. The front of the postcard acts like a billboard whereas the back side has the address and the postage. The front can be used to actively push your message, if possible in a graphic format just like a billboard. Even excluding the address and postage block, using the ratio of 70:30 for graphics and copy may still present a very efficient medium for getting your message across in the direct mail campaign. The font size selected should be legible and pleasing to the eyes.

These simple tips help make postcards an effective medium of direct mail for the marketing of products and services in a localized area with a more targeted campaign.

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