Targeted Mailing List
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Advertising using mail is an important and viable element for any business with regards to marketing campaigns. In order for your direct mail campaign to be the most successful it can, you should try to incorporate targeted mailing lists. The cost of using this kind of marketing is getting lower and lower making it one of the most practical advertising methods to employ, for any business. You can even go as far as to tailor your targeted mailing list so it caters to your specific clientele, this way it will be as effective as possible.

A targeted mailing list is different compared to every door direct mail in a specific set of zip codes. How? Using publicly available information, you can choose certain criteria for your advertising and marketing programs to develop the lists that will be sure to get your company in front of the proper target audience. What’s the point in advertising to people that you know wont be interested in your product. It’s like offering denture cream to 20 year olds. Sure, one or two may need it, but you’ll get way better results marketing to old people as the majority of them will probably be interested in your product.

How Can We Help?

We can work together to aid you in determining the target audience for your services or products. This might be a demographic that has been generated by a combination of elements such as general income level, gender, age, or even determining families with retirees or children. It can even include people who have identified certain factors thanks to online surveys.

When you gain an understanding of the people buying your product or individuals who are most likely to use your services then this will enable us to get an idea of the demographics to be considered. You will then be provided with these names or we can deal with your direct mail advertising needs on your behalf to ensure your next marketing campaign truly takes off.

Response Mailing List

This list has names of all the people who have responded to a specific offer or offers and it can include club members, sweepstake entrants, subscribers, inquirers, or buyers.

House Mailing List

This comprises of the in-house subscriber or proprietary customer lists of any publication or company. If an in-house mailing list is properly managed then it can be increasingly beneficial to the company as time goes by.

Compiled Mailing List Carolina Direct Mail bulk mail

This list is comprised of people and demographics compiled using publicly-available and proprietary sources i.e. self-reported surveys, voter registrations, or telephone listings. This targeted mailing list category generally provides a higher volume and broader geography compared to the other types of mailing lists. Compiled mailing lists are usually subdivided into categories that make it much easier to segment prospects. A list comprising of new homeowners, movers, or new parents, for example, allows small businesses to concentrate on customers who can meet their target criteria more cost-efficiently. A compiled mailing list is especially useful to marketers who are trying to gain access to a well-defined segment. An example would be children’s’ toys manufacturer who would benefit from a list of new parents as it is more cost-effective than using a general compiled list.

Finding a properly targeted mailing list can make all the difference to your advertising and marketing campaign and it can determine whether everything goes successfully or not. If you want the best shot at launching a successful campign, you should get with Carolina Direct Mail, they’re one of the best Direct Mail advertisers in the Carolinas!

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