What IS Bulk Mailing? Carolina Direct Mail bulk mail

The Postal Service uses the term bulk mailing to refer to large quantities of first and standard class mail that is sentat reduced postage rates. This marketing concept dates back to the 70’s and has been used since as a way to deliver promotional materials that are prepared in large volumes to a specifically targeted audience at once. Advertising and marketing have become an essential part of the business world, andthere are numerous techniques that a business today can use to not only promote its products and services but that also appeal to its target audience.

Promotional advertising has been used for decades and involves the use of promotional giveawayitems or promotional media events to garner public attention and are an effective way of advertising. People love to see companies active with the people of the community. Bulk mailing is one such effective promotional tool used in advertising campaigns where a business can send promotional offers, coupons, or sales pitches about a new product to customers in their mailing list.

Can A Small Business Benefit from Bulk Mailing At All?

Limelight Direct mail Marketing direct mail raleigh Bulk mailing is particularly beneficial to small and medium-sized businesses that are looking for cost-effectiveways to reduce their overheads because even though the physical mail is prepared bulk, sending thousands of promotional materials to every door at a reduced postage cost can save a business thousandsin ad campaigns over the long run.

Also referred to as commercial mail, bulk mailerprices are significantly lower because business and organizations such as libraries, churches, educational institutions, social clubs, etc., do something called “work sharing.” Thismeans that the Postal Service’s costs are reduced provided you performhalf of the jobsuch as sorting the mail by ZIP Code or transporting it to your local destination postal facility. Honestly this is a very cool concept, not only do you get more of a hand and personal touch in your mail campaigns, but it saves you money!

You must, however, meet certain prerequisites first in order toqualify for certain postage discounts or before you can mail at commercial prices:

  • Get a Mailing Permit
  • Sort Your Mail by ZIP Code and Ensure That all Addresses are Correct
  • Pay an Annual Fee For Each Class of Mail
  • Pay Postage via Permit Imprint, Metered Postage, or Pre-canceled Stamps
  • Deliver Your Mail to the Post Office Where You Hold Your Mailing Permit
  • Mail a Minimum Number of Letters, Which Can be Anywhere From 500 First Class Mail to 300 Media Mail

About 98% of people still rely on the delivery of their physical mail every day or monthly to receive Limelight Direct Mail Marketing mailing list their physical bills. Unlike promotional emails which are generally redirectedto a customer’s spam folder that they will never check, physical mail still has a great impact as a marketing strategy. Provided the mailing addresses are accurate, andup to date, businesses that use bulk mailing are better positioned to reach their target audience better than email listing. It’s far more effecetive to hold that paper in your hands than see it on a screen where you can forget about it in an instant.

Bulk mailing services also have a better effect in terms ofcustomer receptivity. A customer can watch or listen to a promotional message on TV or radio and probably forget about it once it passes if they even happen to listen to it at all, but they will not forget about a freebie or promotional coupon that came in through their mailbox!

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