A/B Testing Can Show You Powerful Results

Carolina Direct mail direct mail Customers are the key players in building a brand name and equity. Hence, it becomes crucial to maintain the customer base while attracting new clients. Among marketing techniques, direct mailing to clients has been the most personalized way of keeping in touch.

Due to its importance, it becomes essential to continuously monitor the changes happening in user patterns and update different modes of marketing accordingly. When a direct mail campaign is your mantra of success, A/B testing is the best bet to improvise and make them more compelling for the customers. A/B testing or Split testing or Bucket testing involves a comparison of two variants of a campaign and studying the user behavior towards each. Here are a few points to consider while applying this method.

A/B Testing Factors to Consider

Prioritize the elements to test – the most vital parts of your mailing includes the message, the offer, the list, and the audience. A significant portion of your traffic will depend on how effectively you portray these points. In the case of a list, you will have to select the sample randomly as not to skew the results.

Set your parameters – before testing, decide on what basis you will be analyzing the results. Variables like the number of visits to the website, sales trends, changes in the number of queries, etc. are some to consider. You can change the combination and try other variants for better structuring of the results

Baseline metrics – make sure you have the data for the control email that is being used. This starting point is the only way to decide whether the variant email is successful in campaigning. Conversion rates play an important role in finalizing the study results.

Sample size and splitting – choose a sample size that will give reliable results. It may vary according to the nature of the campaign and the target audience. The split-group size is determined according to the performance of control.

Analyze the results – there are different points to ponder to rate the success of a variant:

  • Response rates
  • Conversion rate
  • The financial burden of test
  • Timing
  • The uniqueness of the campaign

Any tests, including A/B testing, is to be conducted regularly for better evaluation of campaigns. Therefore, there must be continuous re-visits made to perfect the mail campaigns. Also, make sure to limit the number of variables that you test during a single experiment to get the best results.

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