Targeted Mailing Lists for Your Direct Mail Campaign

How to Target Your Prospects with a List

You might be asking yourself ‘how do I get a targeted mailing list for my direct mail campaign?’ One of the best reasons to work with Carolina Direct Mail is that we make this step very easy for our clients, especially those who opt for our all-inclusive services.

When you want to reach your target market, it is critical to have a well-targeted mailing list. This kind of list can be incredibly beneficial to your business. There are several types of direct mail, including print, online, and email. While in some cases digital direct mail can be easier to handle in-house, nearly all businesses find they are best off outsourcing as much of their print direct mail process as possible because of cost savings. At Carolina Direct Mail, we are already experts on the full print direct mail process, resulting in saved time and money for our clients. As part of our service commitment, we are dedicated to helping you find your best prospects through target list management.

Define Your Geographic Mailing Area

When using targeted mailing lists to drive sales, the first step is to understand your target market. To get started, you can reach out to Carolina Direct Mail. We can help you segment your geographic mailing area using multiple criteria. For each demographic variable, you can define a range of values and criteria to narrow down the list.

Choose the exact type of customers you want to mail to. Demographic filters include location, age, gender, income, home value, children, and much more.

Prospect lists can be created by filtering through variables like location, age, gender, income, and so forth, until we have a list that meets the target criteria. We have many filters to choose from. We can help you create lists according to specific demographics or group memberships. For example, many of our customers are from the North Carolina area and need to reach people living in nearby communities. Sometimes your sales strategy might require a more focused approach. For instance, if you sell a service or product to professionals, you can create a list that includes only the professionals in your target demographic within a particular geographic area. 

Targeted Mailing Lists Help Drive Sales

To get started, contact us today. LimeLight has been family-owned & operated since 2007. We can help you segment your geographic mailing area using multiple criteria in order to help you find the best prospects for your business. We have perfected the low-overhead business model, and promise that you will be amazed by our combination of ultra-low pricing and unbeatable customer service.

At LimeLight, we genuinely care about your success. That’s why our owner is on the production floor five days a week, making sure your job is done right and delivered on time. 

Call us today at 919-452-5418 or you can request a price quote online.  




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