Marketing Areas

Limelight Marketing is focused on providing the best possible results for direct postcard mailers across the North Carolina and South Carolina area – and sometimes even beyond!  When customers contact us, we will always do our best to align our skills and services with their needs and goals. That said, we ARE the Carolina direct mail marketing experts, and as such, we target certain markets in the NC and SC areas. We can just as easily reach out and work in the other markets too, it’s not far away and we can truly market anywhere in the country that you may want us to.

North Carolina Direct Mail Target Areas

South Carolina Direct Mail Target Areas

Can we handle other areas? We sure can – contact us for more information including our guaranteed BEST prices. The cities mentioned above are just the big ones that we cover, we cover a huge number of towns, localities, just about anywhere you may want to do direct mailing! Ready to get started NOW? How about an Instant Pricing Quote for your project? 

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